140201 – Runners vs Joggers


I’m often asked “Why do you jog so much?”… to which I answer “I run, I don’t jog.”  It reminds me of a funny scene from the movie “The Horse Whisperer” where a horseback Redford meets a lady in the woods.

Tom Booker – “Jogger huh?”

Annie – “I don’t jog Mr. Booker, I run.”

Tom Booker – “Well that’s lucky for you. The grizzlies around here mostly go for the joggers.”

There is a distinct difference between joggers and runners.  Although sometimes just as dedicated, joggers are typically recreational exercisers whose daily outings are characterized by long slow effort through the park enjoying a conversation with a partner.  Runners are typically found solo on a remote trail or dirt road operating at or above lactate threshold.  Joggers are often seen wearing the latest fashion in exercise apparel with nary a drop of perspiration found anywhere, where a runner’s gear is limited to a pair of old shorts (and sports bra for the girls) and little else covering their sweat-soaked body.  Joggers listen to the music of Dave Mathews, Myley Sirrus, and Justin Beeber, where a runner’s soundtrack might include Led Zeppelin, Pantera, and Rob Zombie IF they are plugged in at all.  Have you ever noticed when you read the news, it always seem to be a runner who is the one who finds dead bodies… jogger’s find the nearest Starbucks.  A jogger’s motivation usually stems from caloric-surplus-guilt, an ideal pants size, or therapy from the spouse/kids.  Runners have PRs to crush and race goals in mind.  All these characteristics can be seen by the trained eye, but the easiest way to tell the difference between the two pedestrian types is when you see them waiting at a stop-light in traffic.  Joggers are the ones who continue jogging in place waiting for the “walk” signal… runners just stand there looking pissed.

Modified Outlaw

Long run – 2-5hrs depending on experience level.  Trail preferred.

CFV Saturday WOD

Unknown and unknowable


140131 – Lifting Shoes


Why lifting shoes?

Roughly half the clientele at CFV now own, use, and abuse a personal pair of “magic-shoes”.  But why?  Lifting shoes provide several advantages over other footwear, or bare feet, and the effect is felt immediately.

1.  Lifters provide a hard stable platform to drive heavy weights from.  The heels/soles of running shoes are not meant to squat or lift heavy weights with.  The EVA foam used is meant to cushion impact forces of running… to essentially “give” when a force is applied… not good for squatting.  Bending ones elbows during a clean produces roughly the same effect.  This cushion makes for an unstable lifting platform which will wobble as a lifter transfers weight from his heels to mid foot and cause loss of power squatting out of the hole.  The first rule of architecture is to have a stable foundation.  Some might argue that going barefoot would solve this issue, but see #2.

2.  Lifters also have a raised heel (opposite to the minimal footwear most CFers wear).  This raised heel solves the flexibility issue many athletes have in their Achilles region during a rock-bottom squat.  Raising the heel an inch or so above the forefoot allows a lifter to keep their weight in their heels yet still put their tib/fib in the most powerful position possible.  Without this support, all but the most flexible of athletes will have to put the majority of the force of the lift into their forefoot resulting in the athlete rising onto their toes.

3.  Wearing lifting shoes tells the world just how much of a weightlifting-nerd you are… especially if they are bright red or metallic-purple.  Owning your own personal-use bar is the only thing that tops that.

But seriously… if you don’t have lifting shoes, get some.  As a minimalist runner whose running shoes are all hermit-worthy with multiple holes and the heels whittled down with a bread knife, I would have been the last person to ever jump on this gear-intensive band-wagon a few years ago.  At $120-$200 a pair, biting the bullet can be a deterrent but they will last most casual lifters a lifetime.  Granted you can’t run in them and double-unders are troublesome, so there will be times in certain WODs where wearing lifters will not be practical.   But if you want to become really proficient with your heavy Oly lifts AND you want a new back squat PR immediately, get a pair.  They will change your life at the gym.

Modified Outlaw


1) 10min to work up to 2-position Snatch (hi-hang & @knee)

2)  EMOM for 5+min 1x 2-position snatch @90% of #1.

Strength – E2MOM for 3 sets each alt between 1a &1b

1a) 5x Pendlay Row @135/95#

1b) 40′ walking lunge in front rack @135/95#


For time

20x HSPU

50x DUers

10x OHS @135/95#

50′ Handstand walk (or 60sec handstand hold on wall)

10x OHS @135/95#

50x DUers

20x HSPU


E30S for 5min 2x Banded Deadlift @ 50% 1RM + Band (men=green, ladies=blue)


4RFT of

400m run

6x Pow Clean @65%

8x Box jump 30/24


140130 – The Basics&Virtuosity


The Webster’s dictionary definition of virtuosity is – great technical skill (as in the practice of a fine art).  Getting a weight over your head and the act of climbing atop an object are pretty basic human movements we’ve been doing for millennia.  But when done with a high level of proficiency, skill, and aesthetics, they become a work of art.  Coach Glassman defines virtuosity as “doing the common uncommonly well.”  To achieve this level, we MUST focus on the essential elements of movements.  Are your squats PERFECT?  Could your pushup technique be tightened up?  Do you finish EVERY rep of pushpress with your head poked-thru?  Do you exhibit FULL range of motion on your pullups?  If not, check your ego and be especially attentive to the details of your movements so you may progress continually.  When I started learning the Olympic lifts, just when I thought I had it all figured out, I found that another layer of detail would open with every experienced lifter I studied or talked to.  From changing your hand position from the clean to the jerk, to elbow orientation at the bottom of an OHS… there was always another small thing that makes a world of difference.  Yet had I not had other basic elements nailed down, knowing these tiny tweaks would have done me no good.  Lex moves more fluid than anyone in the gym making the rest of us look sloppy, but even Lex can make his good a little better.  Listen to little cues your CFV coaches are giving… really listen and try your best to make those adjustments.  They aren’t feeding their ego or trying to embarrass you when they ask you to go 1″ lower with your squats or to fully unlock your elbows at the bottom of your pullup.  ROM>1RM, as I like to say..  You can call us technique-Nazis if you like, but all of our coaches are truly concerned for the safety of all our clients, and we genuinely want to see everyone become the best they can be.  Be a virtuoso today and everyday.

Modified Outlaw – rest day or move easy

CFV WOD Thursday

E2MOM for 5min

2x Pow clean + 2x Clean (full) + 2x Push jerk + 2x Split jerk @60-65%



9x, 7x, 5x of

Snatch (full) @75%

Muscleup (or 2:1 C2B)


140129 – The Full Dose


One of the funniest things people ask me when I tell them what the day’s WOD will be is “Is it gonna be hard?”, to which I usually respond “Have you been here before?”.  Granted, some movements by their very definition are “more difficult” than others… heavy snatches, muscle ups, and HSPUs, etc… but the nature of CF is that almost every WOD is absolutely awful in a wonderfully beautiful kind of way.  If during a WOD you are able to hold a conversation with a neighbor, have the time to sip a sports drink, or if at some point you aren’t wondering if you might actually die, then you’re doing it wrong.  This, in my opinion is what keeps a lot of people from coming to our little Box with “those crazy CrossFit people.”  But what is it that makes most sane people shy away from the things we do?  The honest answer is, it friggin hurts, and a large percentage of folks are unwilling to step out of their comfort-zone.  When you pull out all the stops, ignore that voice in your head that’s screaming “STOP!”, go to your dark-place, and are able to keep moving, this is where misery meets magic.  It’s what I like to call getting the “full dose”… going hard always hurts.  The courage to go to that place and really embrace it is what separates the great from the mediocre athlete.

Many times we are afforded opportunities to pull back on the intensity whether it be during a “run”, a set of Burpees between lifts, or a session with the Death-Whip… times when we can loaf and nobody (but ourselves) would ever know.  But these are the times we can learn and grow the most… to truly plumb one’s soul, or like Lex says “MAXIMUM EFFORT BUDDY!!!”.  Reaching your greatest athletic potential will never be achieved by just going through the motions.  Grab another gear.  Give it all you got.  Explore what you’re really made of.  Leave it all at the gym.  Embrace the suck.  Learn to suffer.  Get the full-dose.

Modified Outlaw


1) E90S 5X2 T&G Snatch @ 70-80% (do not go above, make every rep perfect)

2) E90S 5X2 T&G Clean + 1x Jerk @ 70-80% (do not go above, make every rep perfect)


E90S 3X3 Front Squats @ 80% of 3RM


“Amanda”… 12min cap

9x-7x-5x of…

Muscle-Ups (or 2:1 C2B)
Snatches (full) 135/95#

CFV WOD Wednesday

E2MOM for 4+min (3 sets) 10x Front Squat @80% 1RM C&J


3rds for total reps of 30/30 (30sec ME work & 30 sec rest) of the series

T2B, DUer, Burpee, Box Jump, Ring Dips, Situp, KBS 53/35

*Note – it doesn’t matter where you start.


140128 – 5k?

susie muscle up

Modified Outlaw

RUN (not jog) a 5k.  Yes, you have to do this.  No, don’t do anything else.


CFV WOD Tuesday

10min to est 3RM Thruster (from floor)


20-10-20 Descending/Ascending Ladder 20, 18, 16, etc., 10, 12, etc., 20 of wallball

200m run between each set


140127 – Friendly Competition

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.36.17 AM


The past 2 months Lex and I have both been really busy… and injured.  Needless to say we haven’t had the opportunity to WOD together until last week.  What a difference friendly competition makes to a player’s intensity… and fun.  I wrote a little piece posted here about the importance the Board plays at the box.  As the CF Open approaches I want to encourage EVERYONE (especially you girls) to register here and then find someone on our Board to compete with.  Challenge them, and be challenged.  “As iron sharpens iron, so one man (& woman) sharpens another.”

Modified Outlaw


1)  EMOM for 6+min. Snatch.  2x@70%, 2x@75%, 1x@80%, 1x@85%, 1x@90%, 1x@90%, ME UB T&G @70%

2)  EMOM for 6+min. C&J.  2x@70%, 2x@75%, 1x@80%, 1x@85%, 1x@90%, 1x@90%, ME UB T&G Cleans (no jerk)@70%


10min to est 3RM weighted pullup



12x Deadlift @50%+

25x Bar-facing Burpees


CFV WOD Monday

15min to est 3RM weighted pullup… yes, Jabe will make us feel like we should be playing with Barbie dolls.


5RFT of

5x Pushpress @ 155/105

25 DUers


140125 – Gary J

Gary J

Gary J was a North Texas hometown boy. (read more)

Saturday is a Hero-WOD so everyone put-out.

“Gary J”

7x Burpee Clean&Jerk @95/65#  EMOM for 7+min or until all 7 reps cannot be performed in the 60sec…  56 reps total.  (Ladies will have to use 15# training-bar +2x 25# plates… 10#’s will not support the Burpee)

*If 7+min round is completed in the 60sec allotted, then player continues @ 8:00… do 8x, and @ 9:00 do 9x, etc, until the number of reps can no longer be performed in the 60sec.

**~60sec after failing last round on the next minute…

1mile run.

Score is total reps minus 1mi run time.