140129 – The Full Dose


One of the funniest things people ask me when I tell them what the day’s WOD will be is “Is it gonna be hard?”, to which I usually respond “Have you been here before?”.  Granted, some movements by their very definition are “more difficult” than others… heavy snatches, muscle ups, and HSPUs, etc… but the nature of CF is that almost every WOD is absolutely awful in a wonderfully beautiful kind of way.  If during a WOD you are able to hold a conversation with a neighbor, have the time to sip a sports drink, or if at some point you aren’t wondering if you might actually die, then you’re doing it wrong.  This, in my opinion is what keeps a lot of people from coming to our little Box with “those crazy CrossFit people.”  But what is it that makes most sane people shy away from the things we do?  The honest answer is, it friggin hurts, and a large percentage of folks are unwilling to step out of their comfort-zone.  When you pull out all the stops, ignore that voice in your head that’s screaming “STOP!”, go to your dark-place, and are able to keep moving, this is where misery meets magic.  It’s what I like to call getting the “full dose”… going hard always hurts.  The courage to go to that place and really embrace it is what separates the great from the mediocre athlete.

Many times we are afforded opportunities to pull back on the intensity whether it be during a “run”, a set of Burpees between lifts, or a session with the Death-Whip… times when we can loaf and nobody (but ourselves) would ever know.  But these are the times we can learn and grow the most… to truly plumb one’s soul, or like Lex says “MAXIMUM EFFORT BUDDY!!!”.  Reaching your greatest athletic potential will never be achieved by just going through the motions.  Grab another gear.  Give it all you got.  Explore what you’re really made of.  Leave it all at the gym.  Embrace the suck.  Learn to suffer.  Get the full-dose.

Modified Outlaw


1) E90S 5X2 T&G Snatch @ 70-80% (do not go above, make every rep perfect)

2) E90S 5X2 T&G Clean + 1x Jerk @ 70-80% (do not go above, make every rep perfect)


E90S 3X3 Front Squats @ 80% of 3RM


“Amanda”… 12min cap

9x-7x-5x of…

Muscle-Ups (or 2:1 C2B)
Snatches (full) 135/95#

CFV WOD Wednesday

E2MOM for 4+min (3 sets) 10x Front Squat @80% 1RM C&J


3rds for total reps of 30/30 (30sec ME work & 30 sec rest) of the series

T2B, DUer, Burpee, Box Jump, Ring Dips, Situp, KBS 53/35

*Note – it doesn’t matter where you start.


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