140130 – The Basics&Virtuosity


The Webster’s dictionary definition of virtuosity is – great technical skill (as in the practice of a fine art).  Getting a weight over your head and the act of climbing atop an object are pretty basic human movements we’ve been doing for millennia.  But when done with a high level of proficiency, skill, and aesthetics, they become a work of art.  Coach Glassman defines virtuosity as “doing the common uncommonly well.”  To achieve this level, we MUST focus on the essential elements of movements.  Are your squats PERFECT?  Could your pushup technique be tightened up?  Do you finish EVERY rep of pushpress with your head poked-thru?  Do you exhibit FULL range of motion on your pullups?  If not, check your ego and be especially attentive to the details of your movements so you may progress continually.  When I started learning the Olympic lifts, just when I thought I had it all figured out, I found that another layer of detail would open with every experienced lifter I studied or talked to.  From changing your hand position from the clean to the jerk, to elbow orientation at the bottom of an OHS… there was always another small thing that makes a world of difference.  Yet had I not had other basic elements nailed down, knowing these tiny tweaks would have done me no good.  Lex moves more fluid than anyone in the gym making the rest of us look sloppy, but even Lex can make his good a little better.  Listen to little cues your CFV coaches are giving… really listen and try your best to make those adjustments.  They aren’t feeding their ego or trying to embarrass you when they ask you to go 1″ lower with your squats or to fully unlock your elbows at the bottom of your pullup.  ROM>1RM, as I like to say..  You can call us technique-Nazis if you like, but all of our coaches are truly concerned for the safety of all our clients, and we genuinely want to see everyone become the best they can be.  Be a virtuoso today and everyday.

Modified Outlaw – rest day or move easy

CFV WOD Thursday

E2MOM for 5min

2x Pow clean + 2x Clean (full) + 2x Push jerk + 2x Split jerk @60-65%



9x, 7x, 5x of

Snatch (full) @75%

Muscleup (or 2:1 C2B)


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