140303 – 14.1 Strategies


Great video of Donnie Shankle making his way back from injury.  If you’re having shoulder issues, add some of these warmup/strengthening movements.

Even GREATER video of our own Coach Gough rockin’ 14.1 in jeans and boots.  She wasn’t going to do it tonight but got so excited after Lex, Grady, and I did ours she borrowed a tshirt and went for it.  In Omnia Paratus.  I love this gym.

I’m posting this early so Outlaws will be informed about Monday and anyone doing theirs this afternoon can formulate their own strategy..

I’ve had all night (literally) to think about some strategies for 14.1 so I’m gonna make Monday a “redo” day if you want.  I’ll also have an alternate WOD option if you never want to see 14.1 again.

First off, on paper this WOD doesn’t look that intimidating… relatively light and the # of DUers is less than what we typically do in Outlaw.  I would have preferred much heavier because I think we would have had an advantage over “aerobicisers”.  Having said that,

1.  I think pacing is crucial to getting your best score.  Coming out too fast caused myself, and what I witnessed in Scot, to go into deep oxygen-debt too quickly.  Everyone I talked to felt like the air had been sucked out of the room.  This one’s a gasser.  Breaking the snatches early (even in the 1st round) will save you valuable time in later rounds.  I’m recommending 5-5-5 with a VERY short break or you may be doing sets of 3 later on and staring at your barbell on the floor for 10 seconds waiting for oxygen to return to your brain.  I’m going to attempt to keep all my rounds the same.  1min 15sec per round gives you 8 rounds.  1min 25 sec = 7 rds.  1min 40sec = 6 rds. 2min = 5 res.  KEEP THEM THE SAME!

2.  You HAVE to do your DUers unbroken.  It wastes so much time getting started again.  Again, pacing the snatches will give you the best coordination when it’s time to pick up the rope.

3.  Muscle snatches are fastest and will fatigue your legs far less than power snatches, so muscle them as long as possible.

4.  You might try a little narrower hand spacing than you typically use to snatch with to save your grip.

5.  Other than that, you just have to grit your teeth and keep lifting the barbell.  You will be gassed but it’s light enough to work through.  WILL yourself to pick it up and keep moving.

Modified Outlaw


1)  3 attempts at a medium heavy snatch… nothing over 85%.  Stop.

2)  3 attempts at a medium heavy clean and jerk… nothing over 85%.  Stop.


Redo Open WOD 14.1


7RFT of…

7x Thruster @ 115/78

7x C2B pullup

CFV Monday WOD

For time

20x Front squat @205/135

30x Box jump 30/24

40x KBS 53/35

50x Wallball 20/14


140228 – Beard-Equity


Beard Equity

Modified Outlaw


EMOM for 5min 2x snatch at 70%

This will serve as a good warmup for the Open WOD.

5min rest, then

Open WOD 14.1  or 15min of choice if you plan to do Open WOD Monday.

10min AMRAP of…

30x DUers

15x Power snatch @75/55#

CFV Friday WOD

CF Games Open WOD 14.1… see above.



140227 – Family


family – a group of people united by certain convictions or common affiliation.

I’d go to bat for any of you guys.  Mean it.

Modified Outlaw –

Today would be a rest day but Lex and I are meeting at the gym at 7pm to await the announcement of Open WOD 14.1.  If you’re registered for the Open and lack common sensibility, please come join us.

Here is a link to the CFV leader board.

CFV Thursday WOD

Press 5 5 5 5 5

Push-press 3 3 3 3 3

Push-Jerk 1 1 1 1 1

then with a 10min clock…

Annie –

50 40 30 20 10 of DUers and sit-ups…

with the remaining time max reps of 50% of your DL max.

Score is # of DLs.


140226 – Notorious


Evidently one of the worst things we’ve ever done… seconds anyone???

Modified Outlaw


E90S for 5 sets.  2x C&J @70%.  Do not go above


E2MOM for 3 sets. 3x HBBS @85%+


7min AMRAP

3x Thruster @ 135/95

15x Burpee

30x DUers


4RFT of:

40 Double unders 
20 Box jumps (24/20)
40 Sit-ups
20 KB Swings (53/35)

140225 – Silly Socks


Stupid human tricks

Modified Outlaw


E90S for 5 sets.  2x Snatch @ 75-80% – do not go above percentage


EMOM for 5:00 – 8x C2B Pull-ups


4 rounds of:

30x Double-Unders
15x Wall Balls 20/14#
7x Power Snatches @ 95/63#

rest 60 sec

CFV Tuesday WOD

Using a single KB or DB

15 – 12 – 9 reps of 1 arm thrusters right then left, 400m run between rounds


15x thruster right

15x thruster left

400m run


140224 – the Open… and Murph


WOD 14.1 will be announced at 7pm this coming Thursday.  This change from last year’s release time might cause a little inconvenience for some, but we will manage to get everyone done and videoed (if needed).  This will probably mean doing the Open WOD either Friday night or Saturday/Monday morning… so if you usually don’t attend class Fridays or Saturdays, you’ll have to adjust your schedule.  Outlaws will do Open WOD Friday mornings after a quick snatch warm-up.  Hopefully I’ll have some strategies put together by that time each week.

New rule, for any individual or team to compete at the regional level, the Open WODs MUST be videoed.  Both Z and I have completed the CF online judges course(ie. gigantic pain in the a$$)… I’m unsure if a certified judge MUST judge a possible regional qualifier or not… Ana tends to be the expert on rules and such… please stand by.

Having said all that, I’m just as anxious again this year as the last two.  The Open is always exciting to see just how you and your Box stack up to other athletes outside of our own little gym-family.  It’s also a time of humility… just when I get to thinking I’m somethin-somethin, I get a reality-check, usually to the tune of being in “8946th place”… there are some real mutants out there.  Don’t let this discourage you or spoil your fun.

As of now Team Veritas has 13x athletes registered for the Open… let’s get that number up. Don’t be a Sally… register online… grab the barbell and do the workout.

Modified Outlaw


1) E30S for 2+min (5 sets) 3x Tall snatch AHAP

2) EMOM for 4+min (5sets) 1x 1st-pull + 1x Hi-pull +1x snatch (full) @70%

3) EMOM for 4+min (5 sets) 2x T&G Snatch @80-90%


EMOM for 4sets.  OH KB Complex.  6x alt step-up 20″ + 6x squat + 6x walking lunge @ 2x 35/26/18# Kbs.


CF HQ WOD 140216

7min AMRAP of

5x Row pulls @ sub 1:30/1:43  500m pace

3x DL @ 315/215#

“Beat the Coach”… 7rds +5pulls + 1xDL

CFV Monday WOD


For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Outlaws… I challenge you to a double WOD today.


140221 – Tools


The barbell > any other tool for REAL fitness.  Put your bar away like your best rifle.

And HERE is a CFV athlete doing MUps like a girl.

Modified Outlaw – FYou Friday

BBG – 610

EMOM for 4+min (5 sets)

Snatch 1st pull + Hi-pull + Snatch (full) @60-70%

Strength- 620

“CrossFit Total”.  Compare to 140113, 140115, & 140117

… see Open-prep below

Conditioning- 645

CF HQ WOD 140218

7min AMRAP

5x Box jump 30/24

3x Clean (full) @225/155 or 90% of 1RM

Friday Open Prep

“CrossFit Total”.  Compare to 140113, 140115, & 140117

10min allotted at each of the following lifts in order… squat, press, & deadlift.  Athlete has 3 attempts to find a 1RM.  Rip’s explanation.


1 mile run for time. Compare to 140116