140501 – Mantras


Michelle Atwood is putting a team together for Relay for Life.  Michelle is a cancer survivor and a CFV family member.  Please donate HERE.  BTW, those aren’t Michelle’s feet… I don’t think.

“Discipline is merely choosing between what you want right NOW, and what you want the MOST.”

People have asked me what I think about while I’m running since I don’t wear headphones, to which I usually respond “I don’t, I just run.” which is not entirely true.  During shorter runs I typically already have a head full of normal daily stuff floating around “What am I doing in class today?” “Did I pay my phone bill?”, etc.  Running for many people is therapeutic for this very reason.  It’s personal time where one can sort through events of the day and decompress.  But after a few hours, these thoughts are usually resolved and we’re left with only the sound of our feet on the trail and our own breathing.  “If you don’t have an answer to your problems after a 4 hour run, you ain’t getting them.” Chris McDougal Born to Run.  While I’m not totally against running with an iPod listening to your favorite tunes, I feel like they can detract from the whole experience of trailrunning.  Personally I love engaging with the trail, mountain, or rock and just being in the moment… not trying to escape somewhere else through the distraction of music.  Headphones can also be a nuisance and even a safety issue in certain instances, like in traffic or during a crowded race on singletrack.  For those of us who choose to run unplugged it helps to have something to keep the mind occupied during long grueling ultra solo efforts. Most distance runners I know have some personal form of a running-mantra… a silent mental pep-talk if you will.  Some people pick a distant object and run to it, “Almost there, almost there”…then pick a new object a little farther, continually winning small battles.  Others keep track of the miles, or miles to go… “5 more miles, just 5 more…”  I try not to ever do this as I find it demoralizing, but it works for some people.  For me, I silently repeat to myself “smooth, easy, relaxed… smooth, easy, relaxed” when things get really difficult.  It helps me tighten up my running form, relax my upper body, and glide almost effortlessly down the trail.  S.E.R. is also an acronym of the Spanish word “ser”, which means “to be”.  This thought allows me to live in the present, and manage the moment without concerning myself with “When will I be done?”, “When can I stop?”.  My good friend Joe Prusaitis once told me “When things are going well in a 100miler, don’t get used to it because it ain’t gonna last… and when things are going badly, don’t let it crush you because it ain’t gonna last either.”  There will be highs and lows if the mileage is big enough, what’s important is finding what gets you through the lows and allows you to press on.  What’s YOUR running or pre-lift mantra?

Outlaw – rest day or move easy & mobility

CFV Thursday WOD

Press Progression

Strict Press 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Push Press 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Push Jerk 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

*Increase weight each set.  Weight used on last set of strict press is used on first set of push press.


open WOD 12.1 (Z isn’t going to make any friends with this.)

7min AMRAP of…


I think Grady has gym-record of ~135x.  Enjoy.

*Optional “fun”

“Bring Sally Up” squats @95/65#


140430 – Uncle


Modified Outlaw (423)

Barbell Gymnastics

1) EMOM for 3 sets 5x UB Hi-hang snatch. @60%… heavier than last week.

2)Clean from Hi-Blocks (power position… 5-6 plates) 1×3@90%, 1×3@85%(drop each rep easy) rest 90s between

3) Jerk from hi-boxes.  2x 3. AHAP.  Rest while waiting


E90S alt between 1a & 1b

1a) Weighted Box Jumps: 2X10– w/ 2x DB or KB. AHAP.  Try not to leave any DNA on the boxes.

1b) Russian KBS (eye-level only) 2×10 @88/70#.  Yes, I know this is freakin’ heavy.  Attempt it Rx’d first round at least.  the objective is to complete the set UB.  If you HAVE to break, drop the weight the next set… as in go lighter, NOT drop the KB.


3 rounds for time of:

400m run
50x DUers
25x UB Thruster 45/33#

Since we didn’t have time for Outlaw conditioning, come to afternoon class if you can.

CFV Wednesday WOD

Deadlift 3, 3, 3, 1, 1

then “Broken Angie”

4RFT of…

25x pullup

25x pushup (CrossFit-style)

25x situp

25x squats


140429 – Homework


B.A. the BA

Homework Assignment for the whole gym-family… next week bring a friend (or 2) and encourage them to come back.  Talk CFV up even if they are tired of hearing about CF because that’s all you talk about.  When they say it’s too hard, explain how everything is scaleable to everyone’s ability level.  When they say they want to get in shape before they start coming, explain how CF is the fastest way to achieve their health & fitness goals.  When they say they don’t have time, expound on how 45min 3x a week can change their life forever.  When they say it’s cheaper to go to Anytime or do P90X, explain how working out with a group under the supervision of our coaches is not only safer but more intense and more fun as well.  When they (women) say they don’t want to get big and bulky from lifting weights, educate them that lifting heavy things will not make them big, but it will help them maintain healthy muscle mass and bone density as they age.  When they say they are intimidated, explain to them the broad variety of gym patrons here and that there are no meathead gym-rats (except maybe Eric S and Jabe U).

As far as what I tell people, with all honesty, this gym literally saved my life a few years ago.  During some of the darkest times of my life, CFV was a daily beacon of hope and positivity.  The little sheet-metal building houses some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met in my life.  I have been touched and have learned something from every single person who has walked through the big bay doors.  We have lawyers, doctors, nurses, businessmen, military personnel, chefs, students, Moms, Grandmothers, preachers, teachers, cowboys, Outlaws, winos, gun-nuts, hippies, golfers, cops, truckers, bikers, and computer geeks. Sorta sounds like a typical church.  Some yell.  Some grunt.  Some cuss.  Some are barefoot.  Some shirtless.  Some sweat lakes.  And some are unmentionable.  Some work quietly while others are loud and in your face.  Some are serious… some are not.  Some complain… but all encourage.  We all come from different walks of life with different backgrounds and we were all once dissatisfied with our lives and the direction we were headed.  But we all share a common bond that I dare say any one of us would go to bat for any one else in our little community.  CF is not a cult anymore than the A&M Aggies (well, maybe Aggies ARE a cult… sorry Shanna… Heck yes ZT.), but it’s a unique community of people who are all searching to better themselves… “be 1% better than yesterday” is our motto.  We’ve all grown tired of mediocrity and complacency and finally understand that it is insane to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.  Our gym is not perfect, but if you’re ready, really ready, to change your life… live a more fruitful, longer, healthier, stronger life, come see us… and stick around, you might find this is just what the doctor ordered.

Modified Outlaw – Tuesday Olys


20 min Med-heavy Oly perfect practice of choice.  Not so heavy as to make any misses.


10 rounds for calories and reps of…

30 sec ME Airdyne

15 sec rest

30 sec ME Push press @ 115/75#

15 sec rest

CFV Tuesday WOD

HBBS 3, 3, 3, 1, 1,


3RFT of

15x OHS @95/65#

5x Tire flips

200m run

3x Stone over shoulder 110/72#

20x DUer (3:1)


140428 – the Guads

guadalupe_mts._map Texas High Country… deceptively brutal and surprisingly beautiful. Modified Outlaw  – Week 1 of Outlaw Power Cycle.  Before doing anything else, READ THIS POST.  ALL percentages will be based off your TRAINING MAX, which is 90% of your actual 1RM.  Ex. if your 1RM C&J is 245#, then your training max is 220#.  If the wod calls for a set of 5 @65%, then 65% of 220# is ~145#.  STICK TO THE PROGRAMMED PERCENTAGES.  They will seem too light at first… trust me, it won’t stay that way.  Strive to move with VIRTUOSITY… be perfect.  Make Tuesdays a day to come in and focus on JUST the Oly lifts or a rest day.  TOW Power program is a bit different from the typical TOW template with less Oly, so if you feel the need to get a little more practice I’ll be at the box doing the work posted on Tuesdays at 5:30 if you want to join in.  Rest up this weekend, hydrate, good luck, recovery properly, and God help us.



1) 10min to work up to a 5RM Power Snatch (non-T&G, reset quickly after drop)

2) E90S Strict Press: 1X5@65%, 1X5@75%, 1xMax Effort@85%


E90S alt between 1a & 1b

1A) 3XME Strict HSPU 1B) 3X15 Toes to Bar


3 rounds of:

1:00 ME Muscle-Ups or C2B 1:00 ME Shuttle Run (for distance) 50′ 1:00 ME KBS 32/24kg 1:00 Rest

*Shuttle Run is for max accumulated distance in 1:00. The 50′ denotes the length to run before turning around. For example: run down 50′, turn around, run back 50′ – distance is total feet in 1:00.

CFV Monday WOD


10x T2B

10x Power snatch @75/55

10x wallball 20/14

*The Lions will go 135#


140425 – Huraches

Don't mess with the Jesus

The Ramaruri were on to something.  While I’ve been a proponent of minimalist shoes for nearly 5 years now, I’ve only recently considered huraches as legitimate trail footwear.  You might get funny looks from passersby (especially in Grahamerica), but the benefits of running in a sandal are substantial.  The lack of upper protection, cushioning, and lateral stability are all great training tools for a runner to develop an efficient and injury-free stride.  One can easily make their own dirt-cheap huraches out of old tire treads and leather strap, but Luna Sandals out of Seattle make custom running sandals in a variety of styles for many different activities… the Monos are my favorite.  I made the ones worn above at the race start of Hunter Gatherer Survival Run which I wore through 28miles of hell.  If you’re looking to tighten up your running technique and are over the the toe-shoe fad, grab a pair of Lunas and hit the trails.

Modified Outlaw


EMOM for 3 sets 5x UB Hi-Hang snatch @ ~50%.  Focus on speed under to rock-bottom.


E15S for 5min (21 total) 1x Banded-Deadlift @ ~50% + band (men-green, ladies-blue)



10x T2B

200m run

10x KBS @70/53#

200m run

10x Wallball 20/14#

200m run

10x Power snatch @95/65

200m run

CFV Friday WOD

for time…

25x Back Squat @ 95/65… although I’m planning to do something stupid Jabe & Lex

50x Pushup

20x BS

40x PU

15x BS

30x PU

10x BS

20x PU

5x BS

10x PU


140424 – Set yourself on FIRE!



These are two of my favorite people on the planet, and they are running their first marathon this Sunday in Oklahoma City.  Dirty-D has come a LONG way from the Mahaira days of hard drinkin and heavy smokin while doing elbow-snapping endos over his handlebars.  “I’d give you a ride to the hospital but I have milk and eggs in the car.”  He rode a bicycle next to me for 15hrs during my first 100mi run cracking jokes about the “mechanical advantage of the wedge” in his arse and just keeping me going.  “Turtle in a forest-fire!”  Good times.  Best of luck this weekend guys… keep putting one foot in front of another.  Love yall.  Wish I could be there.  “Angellein tois Lakedaimoniois, O xein’!!!”

This video is for yall.  Set yourself on FIRE!!!… to be played at MAXIMUM volume!

Modified Outlaw

rest day

CFV Thursday WOD


400m run

10x OH alt stationary Lunge @135/95

15x Ring dip


140423 – Devil’s Hall


Alex the Rock-Monkey and some hiker dude with a wicked mullet.

I love Mark’s Daily Apple.  Eat right, feel great.

Burpee Challenge Day 58… 1711 total. I had to do 327x yesterday to get caught up… missing days is punishing at this point.

Modified Outlaw


EMOM for 10min (11 sets).  1x Hi-Pull + 1x Hang (mid-thigh) Snatch.  AHAP.

Conditioning… with a running clock…

#1 (Master’s Qualifier WOD #3)


50 cal row

15x HSPU

50x DUers

Note your finish time… rest 2 min, then

#2 (Master’s Qualifier WOD #4)

for time…

100x Pullup

100x Wallball 20/14

CFV Wednesday WOD

Master’s Qualifier #3&#4… see above