140410 – John T



No, he hasn’t had too much to drink (not yet anyway) and passed out in the street.  This is called a “dirt-nap” by trailrunners.  It’s a survival technique employed by ultra-endurance athletes usually the morning after running all night… a short 15min “combat-sleep” pit-stop where all civility and convention are tossed to the wind to allow the mind and body to reboot.  Note the perfect fetal-position exhibited by this veteran ultra BAMF on the asphalt (although grass was only a few feet away)… cap and hand used as a pillow, mouth-breathing for extra oxygen uptake, nutrition and hydration handy.  What’s ironic (or maybe it’s not… ask Alaniss Morissette) is the first time I ever met Sharpie was at mile 70 of Cactus Rose in 2008.  It was about 11pm as he ran up on me lying in the trail puking up pizza.  Good times.

We’re all proud of you Sharpie.  You’re an inspiration.

Outlaw – rest day

CFV Thursday WOD

Deadlift 5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1


CFV Double-Assessment

500m row

40x squat

30x situp

20x pushup

10x pullup

20x pushup

30x situp

40x squat

500m row


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