140411 – PK


This pic from Angel View Lookout was obviously taken a few years ago when the PK Hike/Bike Trails just opened… there hasn’t been that much water in PK in a while.  My buddy David Hanneburg’s run-company Endurancebuzz Adventures is putting on the 2nd annual trail race at Possum Kingdom this weekend.  David’s events are small and remind me of the good ol’ days of trailrunning when it was an underground activity of a handful of misfit hard-core BAMFs… the days when nobody ever heard of Western States, Leadville, or Hardrock… before it went viral.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE trailrunning, and it has changed my life for the better, but I guess all things must evolve… CrossFit included.

The following CFV members will be giving PK a go on Saturday…

Angie, Kim, and Reah – 20km

Ana and Todd – 55km… it’s about time we bred some new ultramarathoners around here.

Stay on top of your hydration, nutrition, and electrolytes.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Good luck trail funners… lerb.

Modified Outlaw… if you’re running Saturday, you are ordered to stay in bed away from the box… if you’re not running, GET SOME!


1) EMOM for 5 sets 2x Hang (@knee) Snatch.  AHAP.

2) EMOM for 5 sets 2x Hang (@knee) Clean + 1x Push jerk. AHAP.


E90S  alt between 1a and 1b for 3 sets each.

1a) 5x HBBS @65-70%.  Heavier than last week

1b) 8x Strict Sott’s press.  AHAP.  In rock-bottom.  Absolutely no bounce.  I know Wednesday was “shoulder-day” but we WILL, by God, build some OH stability.

Conditioning –

7 min AMRAP of…

7x One-arm DB thruster left arm @55/35

7x T2B

7x One-arm DB thruster right arm @55/35

7x Burpee to target 6″ above reach


800m ME run

CFV Friday WOD

“Franelen”… sorta.


800m run

15x thruster @95/65#

15x pullup

15x KBS @53/35

Yes, this will be awful, especially if you RUN HARD… blame Z.  FY-Friday!!!



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