140423 – Devil’s Hall


Alex the Rock-Monkey and some hiker dude with a wicked mullet.

I love Mark’s Daily Apple.  Eat right, feel great.

Burpee Challenge Day 58… 1711 total. I had to do 327x yesterday to get caught up… missing days is punishing at this point.

Modified Outlaw


EMOM for 10min (11 sets).  1x Hi-Pull + 1x Hang (mid-thigh) Snatch.  AHAP.

Conditioning… with a running clock…

#1 (Master’s Qualifier WOD #3)


50 cal row

15x HSPU

50x DUers

Note your finish time… rest 2 min, then

#2 (Master’s Qualifier WOD #4)

for time…

100x Pullup

100x Wallball 20/14

CFV Wednesday WOD

Master’s Qualifier #3&#4… see above


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