140512 – Pushup


Modified Outlaw Power (430)


1) 5 min Snatch practice

2)  E2MOM. Hang Clean based off 3RM from Wed 140507. 1×3 @95%, 1×3@90%, 1x ME @85% (no more than 8x)


1) Front Squat.  1x ME @ your 1RM Clean.

“Beat the Coach” 245# x 10.

E90S alt 2a &2b

2a) Glute/Ham Raises 5-8x.  ASAP… as slow as possible.

2b) Strict T2B 5-8x.  ASAP.


Complete 2 total rds of 50 sec ME work & 10 sec rest/transition of the following circuit (no particular starting station or order)


Row or AirDyne (don’t worry about calories or distance, just GO!!!)

Burpee Box Jump-overs 30/24 (you may touch top of box or not, just don’t leave any DNA on the boxes)

1 full minute of rest between rounds

CFV Monday WOD

“Running Cindy”

20min AMRAP of

400m run

5x Pullup

10x Pushup

15x Squat


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