140514 – Young Outlaws

I wish someone would have gotten a hold of me in the 8th grade and taught me how to move like a cat.  Look for these guys to wreck house on Newton field in a couple of years.

Day 79 of Burpee-Challenge 3003 total.

Outlaw Power (502)


E2MOM for 5 sets. 2x T&G Pause-Snatch (full 3 sec pause at knee) Work up to AHAP.  Knees back, lumbar flexed, hamstrings tight.


1) E2MOM HBBS 3x @70%, 3x @80%, ME @90%

E90S alt between 2a & 2b for 2 sets each.

2a) Front squat 5x @ 95-100% of 1RM C&J

2b) Hang Snatch Hi-Pulls 5x.  AHAP. ~85% 1RM

Conditioning… 10 min cap

50x DUers

25x Burpee

40x DUers

20x Burpee

30x DUers

15x Burpee

20x DUers

10x Burpee

10x DUers

5x Burpee

CFV Wednesday WOD

4RFT of…

400m run

20x Deadlift @135/95#

20x Pushup

10x Deadlift @135/95#

10x Pushup



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