140602 – YG and Running Template


If you’re coming to the Young Gun summer camp and are wondering what you’ll be doing, it will basically be almost identical to the Outlaw Program.  I plan to change just a few things in it to tailor it for you young guys, but just know you’ll be throwing around heavy things at the gym every session.  Let’s do work.

Also, with the coming of summer, I will posting a “Ramp-Up” Homework running template for those preparing for any “Grand” running adventures this fall.  The first 6 weeks will be all about building a mileage base and climbing strength.  These runs should preferably be done with at least an hour of rest after Outlaw… recover and hydrate.  Top priority is the weekly “long run”, which ideally should be run on trail with hills.  Speaking of hills, we’ll have a weekly hill repeat session… wear a weight vest or heavy pack.  Another thing to think about is getting heat-acclimated, if you’re an Outlaw, Tuesday afternoon WODs at the box when it’s a thousand degrees are recommended.  Get comfortable being uncomfortable.



1)  EMOM for 3 sets 5x Tall-Snatch @empty bar

2)  EMOM for 5 sets.  2x Snatch from Blocks.  AHAP


15min to est new 1RM HBBS.


10min AMRAP

100m OH Plate carry @ 45/25#

5x MUp or 10x Pullup

10x Burpee

5x HSPU or 10sec HS Hold

GC Prep 

6 miles easy



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