140606 – Unbroken

What do you get when you combine youth, enthusiasm, and a crap-ton of weight?



These are a hard working bunch of guys and gals… so much energy at 2pm.

I had a conversation with my youngest daughter years ago that I think of often.  We were in Mc D’s (I know… GROSS) and they were remodeling the interior.  She asked me why everything was all torn up.  I explained to her that in order to rebuild a better place the old one had to be torn down first… destroyed.  It wasn’t until in the middle of a run a couple of days later that I made the same connection to fitness.  To become better, fitter, stronger, whatever… the first thing that has to happen is the “old you” must be destroyed.  Old habits abandoned.  The old mind-set broken.  If not, when things get tough (and they will) you will fall back on your old ways and fall back into the same rut.  Pull out the stops… don’t be afraid to break stuff.  Tear up your old self … remake and remodel and newer you.  CFV is a perfect place to do this.  Come destroy yourself with us to rebuild a better you.



1) E2MOM for 4 sets.  3-Position Snatch (hi-hang, hang @knee, low-hang). AHAP

2) E2MOM for 4 sets. 3-Position Clean (hi-hang, hang @knee, low-hang) + 1x Jerk. AHAP


4RFT of…

400m run

4x MUp or 8x C2B

40x DUer

GC Prep


1mile @ Level 2

2miles @ Level 3

1mile @ Level 2



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