140620 – No Fumar


Yup.  (courtesy of Joey)

Outlaw… BTW, I miss y’all… see you Monday.


1) EMOM for 3 sets.  5x Tall snatch @empty bar

2) E90S for 5 sets.  “DFW Snatch Complex”… 1x Snatch (full) + 3x BN Pushpress + 5x OHS @65-70%


E2MOM alt between 1a & 1b for 3 sets each.  Where you start doesnt matter.

1a) 100m walking heel-to-toe sled drag @135/95#

1b) 6x TGU (3x each arm).  70/53/35… AHAP… heck, grab the 88# if you’re feeling salty.


400m ME run


21x, 15x, 9x of…

Power snatch @95/65#

Lateral OB Burpee


400m ME run

Young Guns

10 rds for time of…

5x PERFECT Pushup

10x Situp

15x Jumping Squat

GC Prep

1mi level 2

1mi level 3

3mi level 2

CFV Friday WOD


400m run

6x Thruster @135/95#

12x Ring pushup

18x V-up


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