140730 – Joel… again

Yet again. Pound for pound the best lifter at CFV. JJ 180# snatch @ 160# BW… making it look easy.
1) E90S for 4 sets. 3-Position snatch (hi-hang, @knee, and T&G), 1x @60%, 1x @70%, 1x @80%, 1x @85%
2)E90S for 4 sets. 3-Position clean (hi-hang, @knee, and T&G)+ 1x Jerk. 1x @60%, 1x @70%, 1x @80%, 1x @85%
3-5 Rds NOT for time.
10x KBS Russian-style @53/35
1x Press @135/95#
1min rest
15x KBS Russian-style @53/35
2x Press @135/95#
1min rest
25x KBS Russian-style @53/35
3x Press @135/95#
1min rest
50x KBS Russian-style @53/35
3min rest
*Note – attempt to do ALL KBS unbroken… attempt ME SAYS!!!
CFV Wednesday WOD
same as Outlaw Durability


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