140815 – Average

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My buddy Cody Mack and I have discussed at length about a smaller man’s ability to successfully engage in some one-on-one hand-to-hand altercation with a bigger dude.  Cody’s genius response is always “all I have to do is last 45 seconds then I’m going to beat the living (insert any number of Cody-isms here) out of him while he’s gasping for air.”  … although I wouldn’t recommend doing this with Mike Tyson.  And it’s true, CrossFitters are an anomaly in today’s world.  I was lounging at the ranch house the other day enjoying the last bit of summer vacay when a silly show called “Wildest Police Videos” or some nonsense to that effect, came on.  For fun I started timing perpetrators who would run from the cops on foot.  What’s funny is in every case, the bad guy gives up between 40-50seconds into the chase.  45 seconds is all a typical person has the wind for.  Pathetic, but I guess it’s a good thing for civility that more crooks don’t do CrossFit… $#*! might get out of hand if they did.  I wish more law enforcement officers would embrace the CF Lifestyle.  Justin B. said it best “my job as a cop and my physical fitness may not just save my life, the safety and lives of YOUR family depend on my fitness as well.”   It’s not that CFers think we’re better than everybody else (even if it might be true), it’s just that we happen to be group/community of individuals who will no longer be satisfied with mediocrity.   We may have been “that guy” at one point… the overweight, out of shape, 30-something, high school athlete “used to be” who finally took a long, painful, and honest look in the mirror and decided being an average American was NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE.  I think you could ask any CFer who has stuck with it over 6months will attest that CF has changed their lives permanently.  They look different, eat different, behave different, and think/talk different.  As annoying as it might be to non-CF family members and might sound like a cult, the fact remains that CF changes lives for the better. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”  If you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and wonder how those extra 30-40lbs crept up on you, or you aren’t dealing with daily stress in a healthy way, or maybe you’re just trying regain the vitality you remember having a few years ago, come see us on Industrial Blvd in Graham.  Don’t be average.



1) 10min to est Max 3-Position Snatch… don’t drop bar (decreasing complexity…  floor, at knee, hi-hang)

2) 15min to work up to heavy 3x Jerk from blocks. Drop every rep… that’s why we have the blocks.  Let’s dance.


5RFT of…


10x Ring dips (from hi-rings if you have your MUp)

10x OHS w/ one 53/35# KB.  (5x left, 5x right) Hit absolute rock bottom on each rep


CFV Friday WOD

50x pullup

5x tire flip.  AHAP

40x ring dip

5x hang clean (full) 135/95#

30x pushup

5x tire flip

20x deck squats w/ 53/35# KB

5x hang clean

10x Stone2shoulder

800m run


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