141001 – Butterflies


Wow, just read over my 2011 R2R2R run report… getting nervous.  I’ll be a WOD-Perv at the gym for the rest of the week getting my legs under me for Saturday’s stupidity.  I’ve written an informal will if things go bad.

“If I get lost, hurt, or die it’s my own damn fault.”  Micah True

T-minus 3 days



1) Light snatch work as part of your warmup.

2) E2MOM for 3 sets. 5x Split jerks (no drops) @ 65% 1RM C&J

Strength – alt 1a & 1b E2MOM for 3 sets.

1a) 5x Pausing Front squats @85% 1RM C&J

1b) 5x Clean grip behind the neck push press.  Med heavy


800m run

20x Clean to thruster @ 115/85#

400m run

10x Clean to thruster @ 155/105#

800m run


800m run

20x T2B

600m run

40x KTE

400m run

60x situp


140930 – Taper

Heads high, chest up CFV… just like a good squat.

R2R2R… T-minus 4days

Outlaw – Taper 2

3mi Fartlek run


for time…

10x Strict press @115/85#

15x OHS

20x Pushpress

25x Front squats

30x Push jerks

35x Back squats



140929 – Silver Fox


This is one tough broad.

Great article HERE about shoulder pain.


BBG Cycling… deload week

1) As part of warmup 5x 1 Snatch from blocks @70%.

2) E2MOM for 3 sets.  5x T&G Snatch @75-80% of heaviest last week.  DO NOT GO ABOVE.


3x 60sec weighted plank hold on elbows @45/35# plate on lumbar.  Rest 60 sec.


“Open WOD 14.1”

10min AMRAP of…

30x DUer

10x Power snatch @75/55#

CFV Monday WOD

5RFT of…

3x Power clean @205/145#

10x Burpee-Pullup


140926 – Whatever

Hoods up… headphones on.  Do WORK.



1) 10min to est 5RM T&G Power snatch

2) 10min to est 5RM T&G Power clean + 1x Push Jerk



for time…

21x OHS @95/65#

42x Pullup

15x OHS

30x Pullup

9x OHS

18x Pullup

CFV Friday WOD… same as Outlaw Conditioning

Wow… that was an awful 7min.  We are starting something new at all CFV classes.  In an attempt to solidify our gym’s integrity and set some benchmarks and goals to shoot for, for the next several weeks we will have “Fill the Board Fridays”.  A WOD from the Big Hero/Girl Board will be posted every Friday.  Top 5 male and female performances will be recorded.  I want to encourage EVERYONE to log your wod on the whiteboard and I’ll transfer outstanding times/weights to the Big Board every Monday.  Let’s all engage with our gym-family and push each other past any self-imposed limits.  3, 2, 1,  GO!!!


140925 – Urban Forager V2


Be thinking about who you want to partner with this year.  Our host this year will be the Z-Jackson Ranch near Murray… think last year’s race… on steroids.

CFV Urban-Forager Run Version 2

What – An absolutely brutal, but “fun”, 10-12 mile-ish partner run/trek through the rough country of the Z- ranch where everything bites, stings, or scratches… finding hidden caches using your wits and your fitness.  You and your partner’s job is to locate the hidden caches (Tupperware boxes) using navigation skills (as there are little in the way of trails) and decipher the clues and maps inside to find your way to the next location.  Besides dodging cantankerous bulls, wily rattlesnakes, and endless fields of prickly pear there will also be “other” challenges included along the way…climbing, crawling, carrying, memorizing, bushwhacking, etc…be ready for ANYTHING.  The race has a 4hour cut-off.

When –  tentatively scheduled for Saturday, January 3rd @ 9:00am

Where – Race will start at North-Camp and end at…???

Prizes – Other than “braggin’ rights” there will be no fancy medals or cash awards, although there might be a rock on some barbed wire or some other random object for the winners/finishers.

Other – 

  1. There will be a sign up sheet at THE Box soon.
  2. No other means of transportation may be used other than by foot… unless you rope a bull.
  3. A waiver must be signed by each team member.
  4. No whining, crying, or complaining… loud cursing of the RD’s name IS allowed.
  5. All challenges must be completed to finish the race.
  6. This is a competition, so no sharing.
  7. Cache boxes must be left EXACTLY as found…both condition and location.
  8. A device with compass capabilities, a knife, and a flashlight will be needed.  Maps will be provided.
  9. Not adhering to any rules specified in will result in disqualification.
  10. If you decide to drop, you must immediately text the Race Director (Wade).
  11. Other race details to come.

Everyone who participated had a great time last year.  Even if you’ve never ran a distance of this magnitude before, rest assured our CFV programming will have you ready to go.  See Wade if you have questions.


Outlaw – Recovery day

CFV Thursday WOD


5x Tire flip/Jump thru.  AHAP

10x Tire pushup

15x KBS @53/35#

100m sled drag @90/45#


140924 – Tyson Wisdom


“Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.”  Mike Tyson


BBG Cycling

E2MOM 3 + 1ME 5x T&G Cleans.  Heavier than last week


E2MOM for 3 sets. 5x OHS. AHAP.  From the rack.


10min to complete 4rds of…

10x shoulder2OH @135/95#

10x C2B

30x DUers

*With the remainder of the 10min, complete AMRAP of lateral bar Burpee.




140923 – Burn it Down


Sometimes you gotta burn it down to rebuild it better than before.  We are starting with a clean slate… physically and metaphorically.   Any gym members who want to see their old benchmark times, I took a pic before I wiped it clean.  Look for some much needed changes/improvements coming to Our Box including schedule changes next week.  We need to learn a lesson from dogs… kick some dirt on it and move forward.  CF Veritas.  I love my gym.

3, 2, 1,  GO!!!


Taper 1

3mi Fartlek run

CFV Tuesday WOD

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 of Front Squat @155/105#

*200m run between rds.