140903 – True Grit


Z sent me this.  Race unknown.  Those of you who know me well understand how close this pic hits home.

Outlaw – this is somewhat of a deload week.  There will be additional Barbell cycling work next week that will be new to most of you.  These are multi-rep sets to improve our speed under with a little conditioning aspect.  Although the weights are light, try to move FAST, with virtuosity and perfection.  Stay tuned.


1) EMOM for 5min 2x Powerclean @ 80% of 2RM.  Drop first rep

2) 5×2 Push Jerk from blocks @80%.  Drop first rep.  Rotate quickly.


E90S for 3 sets 5/3x Strict Pullups.  Go as high as possible.


E90S for 6sets 100m dash.  SPRINT 50m out, cut, turn around, SPRINT 50m back.

CFV Wednesday WOD

15min AMRAP of…

3x Power Snatch @ 135/95#

15x Wallball 20/14#


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