140916 – Meat


Are you consuming enough bloody steak and Shiner?  I know bock is technically not a significant protein source… essential nonetheless.  Another great article by Mark Sisson HERE.


3mile tempo run

CFV Tuesday WOD

“Death by Power Cleans”

It’s too much to explain/type… just show up and do WORK.


7 thoughts on “140916 – Meat

  1. eric says:

    Something New!!! I’d like to try something new, with Wade’s OK. Since hardly anyone posts their times on the Board anymore, maybe an online post would be easier. Most everyone is looking at this site everyday for the WOD, either Outlaw or the normal class. I think it would be a good measuring stick to see other times and weight. The main CF site has done this for ever.

  2. Codie says:

    I like it Eric, but unfortunately if folks are not even motivated enough to write it on the board right there in the gym when they are 1′ from it puting up their weights then I doubt they are going to go out of their way to get on here and put it on the website either. I will continue to post mine every day at the box on the whiteboard and encourage EVERYONE else to as well. You may not give a crap what your time/weight was for the WOD, but there may be someone else in the box that is internally pushing themselves to stay with you (or even beat you) as a “measuring stick” for themselves, which can be a HUGE motivator for someone and can make a big difference in the results that they see from their efforts at CFV. Help your fellow CFV athletes by writing your times on the board (whether you care what they are or not). It isn’t a brag board, it is a very strong motivational tool for a lot of people.

  3. I eat a lot of meat and drink alot of shiner bock.
    Guys I’m not doing very many wods that are on the board due to I’m going back to the grass roots of cf. If I do one I’ll put it up there but I’m training now and doing most of my own programming. 3 2 1 GO

  4. Codie says:

    13 + 13 reps
    Puting numbers to this WOD is pretty amazing when you realize what the human body can do.
    104 cleans @ 135lbs in 14 minutes = 14,040 lbs moved in 14 minutes, which = 1,002 lbs per minute moved for 14 minutes – pretty dang crazy when you think about it. Throw in the length of the clean movement in the equation and it would add an entire additional impressiveness to what the body is capable of – pretty cool!

    • 135# = 61kg = 597Newtons. Lifted about 1.5 meters is equivalent to 896 Joules of Work… 104x is about 93,000 J. But the average Power output is only about 119 Watts… 13x in 60sec is 194W. I know… I’m a nerd.

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