140919 – Iron Triathlon



1) Light Snatch work as warmup

2) “Iron Triathlon”.  This is reverse Linda to failure.  Highest score gets a personalized prize.

30min AMRAP of the following progression…

1x, 2x, 3x… and so on up to to 20x (HA!!!  Good luck) of the following triplet

1.5x BW Deadlift

1x BW Bench press

.75x BW Clean (full)

*** Ladies scale to 70% of above.


CFV Friday WOD

for time…

30x Cleans (full) @135/95#

15x HSPU

200m run

20x Cleans

10x HSPU

400m run

10x Cleans


800m run


5 thoughts on “140919 – Iron Triathlon

  1. Scot Wells says:

    I started the WOD at apps. 615 am. Suffered my way 1/2 way through 9 rounds in 25 min. If I had continued I would still be in the WOD now. ..14 hours later. Thanks coach

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