141008 – R2R2R 2014

Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim 2014

My trip to the Big Ditch this year was rife with apprehension. A combination of lack of substantial run-training and a lot of personal drama lately really put me off my game. Nonetheless, I went for it. Since last October after the Hunter Gatherer Survival Run my trail racing has been nonexistent and my long training runs preparing for the canyon only amounted to a half dozen runs of 4-6hrs at PK… I was grossly undertrained. Not much was different this time from 2011 when I did my first GC Double-Crossing except the weather… much more manageable this year with highs only around 90 0 unlike the 112 0 three years ago. The climbs were big and never-ending and the scenery was poetry-inducing. If you’d like a more detailed description of what R2R2R is all about, I’ll post my 2011 run-report soon… otherwise, I’ll let my pics and my less than adequate amateur video blog give you a taste of what it’s like traversing the most notorious of the Seven Wonders of the World twice in one day. Enjoy.


Henry, Janis, JoAnna, and Chris.  4am start @ Bright Angel Trailhead.  Sharpie and Jason slept in (probably too many PBRs the night before) but would catch up at the river.


The suspension bridge over the mighty Colorado.  Last time the water was blue-green, but Oct is just coming off monsoon season in the canyon so the water was muddy and moving fast.  Park brochure read “DO NOT swim in the Colorado River… it’s 46 degrees year round… you WILL PERISH!!!”



Slot canyon heading north on North Kaibab Trail.  This is seriously one of the prettiest places I’ve ever run.



The rock-hound in me couldn’t stop taking pictures of these majestic giant walls.  Pictures can’t scratch the surface of how amazing it is standing beneath them.



Yes, that’s the Hulk.  Evidently there is a local group who have been running from North Rim to the river in super-hero costumes for the last 15 years.  For a minute I thought I was on the Greenbelt in ATX.



What does a Super-Beast who has run 200miles non-stop without sleep eat while running??? Yep, SPAM.  This man is on fire this year.  I love John T.

Videos coming tomorrow…



1) Light snatch work for warmup.

2) E2MOM 4x +1ME. 3x Rack Jerks.  AHAP


E2MOM alt for 3 sets each

1a) HBBS 5x.  Heavy but not maximal.

1b)  3x Behind the Neck Clean-grip push press.  AHAP.  DO NOT bounce these off your back.  Lower quickly and reset each rep.


100x DUer

100x Wall ball 20/14

100 cal row

100sec Handstand hold


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 of

ring dip

KBS 53/35#

Box jump 24/20





2 thoughts on “141008 – R2R2R 2014

  1. Cody Mack says:

    Nice job Wade on another epic run. Big thanks to my buddy Todd for having an omelette bar after class this morning. Great class followed by great food. It doesn’t get any better than CFV.

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