141015 – Raw Palms

Screen shot 2012-11-02 at 12.47.47 PM

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of hands that look like this today.

Good turn out Tuesday morning for a little group run.  Shayna, Jeff D, ReTodd, and I put in a little 4miler in the dark… beautiful morning.

Outlaw – today will be a lengthy lifting session.  If we run out of time I encourage you to attend one of the afternoon sessions for conditioning… or go sprint


1) Light snatch work as part of warmup

2) E2MOM for 4 sets 3x +1ME Rack Split Jerks.  Heavy, but no misses

3) E2MOM for 4 sets 3x +1ME T&G Cleans.  Heavy but no misses

Strength alt between 1a & 1b E2MOM for 3 sets each.

1a)  5x HBBS.  AHAP

1b) 5x BN Clean-Grip Push Press.  AHAP.


for 7:00min or until you can no longer complete a round


Even minutes-

30x DUer

5x Power Snatch @115/78#

Odd minutes –

7x Bar-facing Burpee

7x Shoulder to OH @ 115/78#


CFV Wednesday WOD



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