141016 – Martin

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ship’s are for.”  William Shedd

Last month I wrote a short piece on gym safety HERE.  With the afternoon classes’ attendance at an all-time high, we all need to take a second to focus on ourselves AND “the other guy” while we’re participating in this little experiment called CrossFit.  Let’s all pay attention when throwing a barbell around… is your neighbor lying on the floor next to you doing pushups eagerly awaiting for your barbell to bounce into their face for some quick dental modifications?  Are you conscious of having a hard back EVERY time you lift (or lower) even the smallest weight off the floor?  Believe me, one can be sidelined with a tweaked back for months caused by simply reaching into the fridge for a water bottle.  Are you still being diligent with your physical therapy rehabbing that nagging shoulder injury from months ago?  Accidents are gonna happen… even Super-Beasts like Susie Q can have a little mishap that will put you out of action for a while… but I think most accidents can be prevented however with a little focus on three things by EVERYONE… 1) attentiveness 2) technique and 3) horse-sense.  Pay attention to what your doing… do what your doing correctly… and don’t do anything excessively dumb.  Mark Rippetoe once said “Accumulating injuries is the price you pay for not sitting on your a$$.”  Let’s all do our part for one another to help postpone that process for as long as possible.

Theennnnn… there’s this guy.  He’s only been coming for 3 weeks and already moves like a champ.  If I can put some weight on him and get him to grow a real beard he might just be invincible.  Great job Martin.

Outlaw – recovery day

Run Club – meet at THE Box @5:55am



Tabata of…

KBS 53/35#

Pushpress 75/55#


Pushup (CF-style)


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