141017 – Coach


Coach Ana… aka BACFB.  This lady is such a great asset to THE Box.  Let her teach you to become a supple leopard.

Just a quick thought on one’s personal energy and what we spend it on.  It’s been said that the result of our life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it.  Anytime something doesn’t go our way, we have a CHOICE of how we respond to it and what we think about after it happens.  All too often it’s easy to respond to negativity with more negativity, and then dwell endlessly on it, but I believe the very nature of the atmosphere our gym fosters differs greatly from this “easy way out” mindset.  CFV’s core is that of the disciplined participant who does their very best even in the face of pain and suffering… people who do an extra rep or two to make sure they did what was needed… NOT your average American.  I’ve always believed the mind to be primary in the athletic sense, but also in life in general.  We don’t have the ability to control other people’s actions or words… what we can control is what we do with it.  Be mindful of your thoughts and spend no extra energy engaging with frivolous individuals or situations that drain your mind, body, emotions, and spirit… it can drive a person crazy… and trust me, crazy is a short walk for me.  We’ve got a lot to be thankful for around here.  Choose which things you spend your limited energy focussing on. Let no negative situation steal your peace.  Surround yourself with positive people who inspire you. Embrace the positives in your life… count your blessings. 3,2,1, GO!



1) E2MOM for 4 sets 5x T&G Power Snatch.  Heavier than last week

2) E2MOM for 4 sets 5x T&G Power Clean + 1x Push Jerk.  Heavier than last week


60s ME Strict Pullup.  Rest 60 sec.  3 sets.  These are not UB sets.  Attempt 2x + more reps than last week.


9min AMRAP of…

3x MUp or 6x C2B

5x Shoulder to OH @ 135/95#

7x OHS @ 135/95#


CFV Fill the Board Friday WOD

Take a guess…

It’s a HERO WOD folks… so PUT OUT!!!  3, 2, 1,  GO!!!


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