150106 – Weaknesses


As the Open approaches part of my own “Continual Personal Upgrade” will be setting Tuesdays aside for working on my own personal weaknesses… overhead strength, top-end strength, sprints, and general mobility.  I challenge you to honestly evaluate your own areas that need work and show up early/stay late to get better.  And as the holidays end, also take a good look at your diet, rest/recovery, and general lifestyle habits… does it need tweaking or a complete overhaul?  Strive to be the best you can be this coming year.

Remake Remodel



EMOM for 7:00-

3x UB T&G Power Clean & Push Jerks*

*Begin at 50% of 1RM Clean and add weight each minute until you can no longer complete 5 reps. When 5 reps are no longer possible subtract 10-20# and complete the remainder of the EMOM.


*E2MOM… Sequence ends on 5th set of BS.

1a) HBBS: 1X5@50%, 1X5@60%, 1X5@65%, 1X5@70%, 1X5@65%

1b) Strict Press: 1×5@75%, 1×5@80%, 1×5@85%


For time:

100x DU
15x Power Snatches 115/80#
50x DUer

rest 1hr, then…

1mi run for time

CFV Tuesday WOD

5 attempts to find max of complex of 1x Power snatch + 2x Hang snatch (full squat)


60sec ME SDHP @45/33#

60sec ME Burpee

60sec ME DUer

60sec rest

* Score is # on complex and the least # of reps/rd of each movement.  4 scores total.



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