150120 – Burgerner Warmup

This video compresses much of the valuable knowledge I gained at my Oly cert in 10min.  I just saved you $500. You’re welcome.

Outlaw – I know the BB work has been pretty repetitive for the last few weeks but trust me there is a method to the madness and a specific goal we are trying to achieve… namely moving larger loads quickly for multiple reps… which will serve well during the Open.  Stay the course.


Move through the following circuit rotating EMOM for 3 rds.

Strict Press 5x @80-85%

HBBS 5x @75-80%

MUp 5x

KBS 5x @88#

GHD Situp 5x @45# plate




1) 15min to est 1RM Snatch.  *** Be as athletic as you can be.

2) 15min to est 1RM C&J


10min AMRAP of…

6x Clean (full squat) @115/85#

12x Pullup

24x DUer


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