150130 – CrossFit vs Weightlifting

all you brah

“All you brah!”

Why People Leave CrossFit for Weightlifting.  Entertaining read.

Session 1


1) Alternating EMOM for 8:00-

a) 5x Hang Snatches (from power position – UB is the preference, but drops are acceptable) Heavier than last Friday

b) 10x Box jumps 24/20

2) Front Squat (Based on 1RM Clean) + Jerks:
1X5+3@65%, 1X5+3@75%, 1X5+2@80%, 1X3+1@85%, 1X5+2@80% – rest 2:00 or more if Jerk misses occur.  If you couldn’t complete all reps from last week, do NOT increase weight…


5min to complete…

120x DUer

60x Wallball 20/14

ME MUp with the remainder of the 5min

90sec rest, then…

2:00 ME Deadlift @225/155#.  Goal is 5+ more reps than last Friday

Session 2 – at least 4 hrs after session 1

5min easy run warmup

~10min Fartlek run.  This is an unstructured effort, but try to accumulate 8-10x pick-ups @95%+ effort for ~10-15sec each with a minimum of ~30-60sec of easy recovery .

5min easy run cool-down



Again, one of my favorites.  Fill the board Friday. “Beat the Coach” 9:09

Three rounds, 9-7-5 reps, for time of:
Snatch (full squat)@135/95

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