150203 – Boots


I spent over an hour shopping (…chills) for new boots Saturday in WFalls.  I tried on at least 25+ pairs trying to find the right fit for my wide troll-feet, price, etc.  I ended up buying the exact same pair of boots I bought 5 years ago in Waco.  Larry Mahan bone top square toe.  It figures… I own 7x pairs of NB 110’s trail running shoes.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.



1) Not for time

2mi easy run

*Rest 1:00 between 1&2

2) Not for time:

10x Muscle-Ups/20x C2B.  As strict as possible

*Rest 1:00 between 2&3.

3) Not for time:

20x Clean & Jerks (anyhow) 135/95#.  Be fluid and push press as long as you can.

*Rest 1:00 between 3&4.

4) For time:

ME Row 40 Calories.  Damper setting 10.


CFV Tuesday WOD
3RFT of:
400m run
15 DL (225/155)
30 WB (20/14)

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