150212 – Burpees


Although humans have been performing Burpees (falling down then getting up)for half a million years, physiologist Royal Huddleston Burpee invented the “Burpee” around 1930 as a physical fitness test for the US military.  In honor of this favorite CrossFit MetCon movement, some of us are taking the “3rd Annual 100 Day Burpee Challenge”.  It’s simple… starting Feb 11th day 1 do 1 Burpee, day 2 do 2 Burpees, etc, until day 100 do 100 Burpees. If you miss a day, simply do the missed number plus the number of the day (try not to do this… especially after day 50… you’ll hate yourself… and me). Also, NO “roll-over” Burpees to the next day.  On day 100, a grand total of 5050 Burpees will have been done. A 185lb athlete will burn around 2 Cal./Burpee… a 130lb athlete about 1.5Cal./Burpee. Ladies, that means almost 8000 extra Calories you’ll be burning… around 3lbs of fat. Are you in?

Outlaw – rest/easy recovery day, so here’s some “ear-candy”.  Boyce Avenue does some amazing covers.  Enjoy.  “Kill the headlights and put it in neutral.”


Burpee Challenge Day 2


“Open WOD 14.4”

14min AMRAP

60cal Row
50x T2B
40x Wall Ball 20/14# (10′ target men/9′ target women)
30x Power Cleans 135/95#
20x MUps

Compare to your reps from last year HERE. Type in your name and then show filters for 2014.



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