150216 – Pain


Less than 2 weeks until the Open.  Don’t let up this week… give every WOD your maximum effort.  If you haven’t signed up yet, WHY NOT???

Also, it looks like there might be cause for a party at the box around 7pm Thursdays.  Open WOD venues… look HERE.



Rest 2:00 between #1 and #2.

1) EMOM for 5:00-

5x Power Snatches*

*Begin at 60% of 1RM Snatch and add weight each minute until you can no longer complete 5x reps. When 5x reps are no longer possible subtract 10-20# and complete the remainder of the EMOM.

2) 1XME UB T&G Power Snatches @ 80% of heaviest weight used for at least 4 reps of #1.


E2MOM alt for 2 sets each

1a) 2x Snatch Balances + 2x OHS. AHAP

1b) ME Push press @ 155/110#

Cond. 12min cap

“Nasty Girls V2″

3 rounds for time of:

50x Pistols (alternating)
7x MUp/14x C2B
10x Hang Power Clean @ 175/115#




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