150223 – 8 Reasons


The Open is upon us! You’re all sick of my constant grumbling gentle encouragement and it’s time to make a decision to shut me up step up to the challenge. Here are 8 Reasons why I think it’s a great idea to drop $20 register.

1. You’re going to do the workout anyway. That’s right… we’re all going to see the Open workout on Thursday night and I’ll be using earlier classes’ performances to formulate an optimal WOD strategy I’m pretty sure Z will make THAT the next day’s WOD.

2. You’ll feel like an wimp outsider looking in if you don’t. Seriously. We won’t TRY to make you feel that way, but you’re part of a community that loves to incessantly talk about their workouts compare each other’s performances. This is one time acting like a herd animal pays off.

3. Possible party involving stupid human-tricks get-together Thursday evenings. I mean, officially, you could hang out without signing up, but that’s like running as a bandit (Google it) in the Boston Marathon. Even if you’ve got stuff to do and stay home on Thursday nights, you can get on the internetz and watch, listen, and cheer with a little intensity, knowing you’ve got some skin in the game. Remember, you’ll be facing down the same WOD the next day.

4. It improves your training. Truth: competition during the Open will help raise the level of your own exercising performance. For a lot of people, the mind gives out before the body (unless you’re John Sharp). Competing with fellow CFVers will help drive you to wallow in your own vomit plumb your soul to new depths and learn things about yourself you never knew… embrace this!  Even if your fitness interests lie elsewhere… like hiking the Big Ditch (Miller and Jeff D), this experience can only foster the other.  Only those who risk going too far can ever know how far they can go.

5. It builds community and camaraderie.  The energy that saturates the Box during the Open WODs is palpable.  Knowing everyone is waiting for you to miscount helping you track your reps, looking to no-rep you watching your movements, bombarding you with loud cursing and yelling providing friendly encouragement is simply amazing… and it also gives you a chance to get back at them return the favor.

6. It’s humbling interesting to see where you rank. Seeing where you fall among CrossFitters from our gym, our region, and the world simultaneously gives you a dose of humility true measuring stick of your ability… ego aside.

7. You’ll be proud of yourself. Participating in the Open will remind you why you drank the kool-aid fell in love with CrossFit to begin with… seriously, you have to love this never-ending punishment exercise routine to keep coming back.

8. WODs are SCALED!  This year, with all the different age and ability divisions you can choose from Rx’d or scaled, so there’s never going to be a time when you can’t complete the workout.  Can’t snatch 165# or don’t have your MUp or HSPU yet?… doesn’t matter, you can still compete.

No more excuses… no more procrastinating… go HERE and drop your $20.

BC Day 13



Rest 2:00 exactly between #1 and #2.

1) EMOM for 5:00-

5x Power Snatches*

*Begin at 60% of 1RM Snatch and add weight each minute until you can no longer complete 5x reps. When 5 reps are no longer possible subtract 10-20# and complete the remainder of the EMOM. Try to add to last week’s numbers.

2) 1XME UB T&G Power Snatches @ 85% of heaviest weight used for #1.


E90S alt for 2 sets each.

1a) 3x Snatch Balances + 5x OHS. AHAP

1b) 5/3x UB Strict C2B Pull-ups + ME UB Kipping C2B Pull-ups


Rest 60sec. between #1 and #2.

1) 10:00 AMFLAP… at a conversational pace

14x 6″ Target Burpees

14x Thrusters 95/65#

2) 4:00 AMRAP (all out effort) of:

7x 6″ Target Burpees
7x Thrusters 135/95#




One thought on “150223 – 8 Reasons

  1. Codie says:

    some of the biggest motivators I have had in Crossfit have come from The Open (even in the years when I could not perform all of the movements required to complete the workouts)

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