150220 – 15.4


Yes please.

Tyler Durden’s 8 Rules of Innovation

Hedgehog’s guess for 15.4 is Thrusters and Boxjumps.  Post any guesses to comments.

Outlaw and CFV WOD

“Open WOD 15.4”

This one’s about skill and raw horsepower.

I finally found my lungs.  Pulling out all the stops on this one.  Hoods up… headphones on.


4 thoughts on “150220 – 15.4

  1. Codie says:

    actually my guess was (and still is) Box jumps and Shoulder to Overhead

    Thrusters and burpees will be saved for 15.5 when they repeat 14.5

  2. Codie says:

    you and everybody else in the Crossfit community – Which is the reason I think they will repeat it but I have my fingers crossed that I am WRONG (which I normally am)

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