150331- Shifting Gears


Rudy’s programing in the coming weeks will no doubt be geared toward regional competitors.  Judging from the nature of this year’s Open, it will include a LOT of conditioning.  We, on the other hand are trying to get stronger, so we’re going to change things up for the next 6 weeks.  Outlaw Barbell started a new strength-based cycle 2 weeks ago and after talking with Ana we’ve decided our template should be based off this version of TOW.  Our first session will be from 150316 and proceed from there. So we’ll be 16 days behind  As the link says, this can be a stand alone MWF program with accessory lifts done Tues and Thur… I’ll try to incorporate the accessories as much as possible on MWF, but you’ll have to get these done on your own sometimes.  We’ll still be doing a conditioning session after the lifting similar to what we’ve always done, but the lifts will be focussed on increasing overall strength for the Oly lifts.  We need to establish some 1RMs that we don’t normally do, so try to get them done before Wednesday as all our lifting will be based on % of these lifts… KEEP UP WITH YOUR 1RMs IN YOUR TRAINING LOG!!!  The template doesn’t have a whole lot in the way of structure as far as rest and such as we’ve done in the past.  Having said that, if we aren’t conscientious about staying on task we will run out of time getting the lifting done in one class period, so I ask you to adhere to my set time restrictions and get your work done accordingly.  Since we’ll be focussing on strength more than anything, I also want to encourage you to make light snatches an integral part of your warmup to maintain/drill technique.  Enjoy.

Outlaw… on your own… if you want to come early to an afternoon class to get this done or you can use the platform in the corner if class isn’t using it.

1) 10min Est 1RM Push press (from the rack)

2) 10min Est 1RM Snatch Balance

3) 10min Est 1RM Power snatch

4) 10min Est 1RM Power clean




5, 5, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1, 1


For time

800m run

100x DUer



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