150420 – J. Low

Our hearts are heavy.  Let’s really put out this week.


BB – The weights finally go up. You may not feel like your effort is worth it at this point but trust me I’ve done some testing on my own, and if a broke-down old guy is making noticeable strength gains, you youngsters ought to knock the top out of it in 3 weeks.

1) push press – 1×5@55%, 1×5@65%, 1×5@75%, 5×5@85%

2) squat – 1×5@55%, 1×5@65%, 1×5@75%, 5×5@85%


CFV Monday WOD


400m run

200m Farmer’s Carry 53/35#

50m Waiter’s Walk right arm 53/35#

50m Waiter’s Walk left arm 53/35#



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