150630 – Congrats

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Good friends.  Great couple.  Beautiful wedding.  Epic party.  Cheers.



3mile easy run

Strength – E2MOM for 3sets each

1a) HBBS x5 @70%, 4x @80%, 3x @85%

1b) Snatch Complex. 1x Power snatch + 2x BNPP + 3x OHS @70% 1RM Snatch


Hell Week Day 2



150624 – So Many Activities

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This will be a little different than usual.
15min Olympic lift work, your choice.
With a partner:
AMRAP in 7 min of thrusters:
50x @ (95/65)
50x @ (115/80)
Max reps (135/95)
AMRAP in 7 min of Hang Power Clean
50x @ (135/95)
50x @ (155/105)
Max reps (185/135)
AMRAP IN 7 min of Deadlfit
50x @ (185/135)
50x @ (225/155)
Max reps (275/185)
REST 3 min between AMRAP rounds

150622 – ROM>1RM


As a coach at CFV I’m constantly faced with the dilemma of watching an athlete perform a movement and not go through their full range of motion they are capable of.  Whether knowingly or not, some if not all of us short change ourselves in this department.  I’ve seen it in the beginner and even in people who’ve been coming here for years.  Sometimes we think we’re hitting rock bottom on a squat or our head is above the bar on a pullup, but only to hear the coach say “two more inches”.  Please don’t get upset by these comments… they are not meant to destroy your ego or “call you out”, unless we’ve repeatedly cued your error and you continue to do half-squats with your hands on your knees. I address this issue for several reasons.

First, ROM is a major issue for older athletes.  Us old dudes just don’t have the flexibility that the young bucks naturally have.  Years of overuse, injuries, and doing movements without full ROM (imagine that) for years all contribute to a deterioration in our movement quality… and it’s not going to get any better, unless we change how we do things and make a conscious effort to overdo our ROM.  If you’re one of these guys (me included) learn some simple mobility exercises to target your specific problem areas… see Ana and Angie.  I struggled with shoulder mobility for the first two years at CF (I couldn’t OHS an empty bar) and even had a couple of debilitating shoulder injuries in the process.  Do I short-rep my OH stuff because of it??? No, I am continually conscientious about warming up my shoulders and consistently doing mobility and strengthening work.  Find your weak/tight areas and fix them… NOW and every day.

Secondly, not going through your full range of motion is dangerous.  Seriously Wade, dangerous???  Yes.  Want to meet SEVERAL healthy teenage young men with serious vertebral fractures?  I can introduce you to them.  Why are these injuries occurring?  IMO they’re lifting weights too heavy to be safe.  This goes for seasoned athletes as well.  Too often we (or our coach) let egos take the place of logic and common sense and put ourselves in a position that our bodies simple are not ready for.  “More weight, more weight!” is NOT the way to reaching your potential for strength… adults with degrees SHOULD know this.  ***Be wary of “coaches” who aren’t active participants in what they preach.  You half-squatted 600# with a belt, power suit, and knee wraps???  I’m not impressed in the least and neither are your vertebrae.  You squatted 300# raw where your butt almost kisses the deck… I’ll say you’re awesome.  If a an athlete is unable to squat below parallel with the bar loaded with a particular weight, it is simply too heavy to be safe.  Period.  Get strong in every possible position your body will go… you’ll advance so much quicker and be able to do it for many years to come.

Lastly, short-repping during a WOD is not only ugly, dangerous, and unproductive, but everyone frowns upon it.  I learned a lot of what I know about quality of movement by watching Lex (I miss him).  He was always PERFECT.  Never did I question a squat depth, MUp or pushpress lockout, or if his knees touched his elbows.  To this day I strive to move in this way.  When someone in class is doing half reps I make an attempt to make them aware of it.  Hopefully after this they realize their error, make the adjustment, and keep going.  Animosity among classmates occurs when an individual knowingly does half-squats or their knees never get close to their elbows… and then writes “Rx” on the board. Really???   We all understand everybody has limitations on certain movements… that’s ok… Angie has “no-repped” me on every yoga position she’s ever tried to get me to do, but I accept that I suck at it and do my best to get better.  Use your limitations as motivation to grow, not as a platform to help boost your ego.

Range of motion should be as important as technique and safe mechanics.  If your movement needs tweeking ask someone to watch you… or better yet video you.  I never understood I wasn’t finishing my pull on my snatch until I saw it with my own eyes… video never lies.  Work on your limitations… overdo your range of motion… get strong and flexible.



1) Hang Snatch (just above knee): 1×5@70%, 1×4@80%, 1×3@85%, 1x 2@90%, 1×5@80% – rest as needed

2) Hang Clean (just above knee): 1×5@70%, 1×4@80%, 1×3@85%, 1x 2@90%, 1×5@80% – rest as needed

3) Jerk from blocks (or rack):1×5@70%, 1×4@80%, 1×3@85%, 1x 2@90%, 1×5@80% – rest as needed


10min cap
3RFT of:
75 Double Unders
50 Squats
25 Cal Row




150619 – The Boys

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E&E Wall-Climbin’ like BOSSES.  Our CF Kids program is in full swing.  If your kids are spending too much time inside on the computer/TV or running amok driving you nuts, bring ’em out to CFV… Angie, Ash, Kelly, and Tara will work that extra energy out with safe, healthy, functional, and fun stuff.  Start ’em early folks… I wish I had found CF 40 years ago.


Scientists and meditation experts explain how focus and mindfulness can help athletes rise above burning discomfort to improve fitness. 

On the surface, pain seems straightforward. You get poked with a sharp stick. It hurts. The end. Or you do Fran. Your burning quads and forearms force you to put down the barbell. The pain was too much.

As with many things involving the human body, pain—and our perception of it—is actually much more complicated. Scientists have discovered pain and emotion are deeply intertwined. In a study designed to measure the link between emotion and pain perception, participants listened to sad music while reading depressing statements such as, “It seems such an effort to do anything.” Researchers then touched the subjects with a hot probe and asked them to rate the level of pain. A control group listened to neutral music and read neutral statements before getting poked with the same probe.  Rest of the article HERE.


Anyone else doing the Possum Walk at PK Saturday???  Come play in the woods and kick some rocks with me.  Info HERE.


1) EMOM for 7:00 – 3x T&G Power Snatches: begin at 60% of 1rm Power Snatch and add weight each minute to a max triple

2) EMOM for 7:00 – 2x T&G Power Clean & 1x Push Jerk: begin at 60% of 1rm Power Clean & Push Jerk and add weight each minute to a max double

Strength/Skill E2MOM alt for 3 sets each

1a) 5x OHS @2x 35/26#KBs.  This is meant as a perfect-position drill.  If you need to use lighter bells feel free.



3 rounds of:

600m run

30x Thrusters 65/45#.  UB is the ideal.  You have 2:00 rest coming, so no pacing.

Rest 2:00 after each round.




150618 – Jos

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Hard to believe my big girl is 20 today.  She’s still that fiery.  What a blessing daughters are.

Outlaw – 4mile easy run



1mile run

4min to est 1RM DL

1mile run

4min to est 1RM Pushpress


150617 – Ten Years Gone



3 Position Clean (power position, hang, T&G) + 1x Jerk  – 1×1@55%, 1×1@60%, 1×1@65%, 1×1@70%

Strength/Skill – E2MOM alt for 3 sets each

1a) 5/3x Paused Strict Ring Dips (3 count pause in bottom, 3 count pause at lockout.

1b) 3x Jerk Grip BTN Push Press + 2x Jerk Grip OHS – AHAP.


5 rounds of:

4x T&G Power Clean & Push Jerks (begin @ 135/95#)
Run 200m
8/5x C2B

Rest 1:00 after each round.

*Increase load on PC&PJ by 10# each round until you cannot complete 4 reps, then lower weight by 10# and use for the remainder of the 5 rds.