150604 – Posterior Chain


Your glutes and hammies ought to be screaming today… if not you did 66x heavy deadlifts Wednesday with poor lumbar posture.  Let’s fix that. The hamstrings are unique in that they cross two joints so they not only flex the knee but with the glutes extend the hips as well. Engage your posterior chain.

7 Old-Wives Tales that aren’t Utter Nonsense

“Oh, that’s just an old wives’ tale” is an easy way to disarm and disregard someone else’s claims about health. But it’s also lazy and, sometimes, just plain misleading. So what if a particular claim comes from folk wisdom? Is it all nonsense? Are all old wives’ tales necessarily incorrect? As you’ll see down below, folk wisdom is sometimes just plain old wisdom. Many of these “stories” have a basis in fact. And many of us would be better off heeding some of these old wives’ tales.

So, which ones are actually couched in real wisdom? Which tales are being borne out by modern research? Let’s find out:  Continue reading

Outlaw – active recovery


CFV Thursday WOD

for time…

50x wallball @20/14#

30x clean @135/95#

15x MUp


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