150831 – All-Tourney

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This LadyBlue was selected to the “All-Tourney – Team” at the Argyle tournament this weekend.  I couldn’t be more proud.

On a side note… the barbell has a way of teaching us lessons about lifting, being our best, and life in general.  Here are some things my barbell has taught me lately.


  1. Don’t get overly caught up in sets, reps, and all that BS… but, have a logical progressive plan… and stick to it.
  2. Trust and follow your coach/trainer/programmer… or get a new one.
  3. Work your f’ing a$$ off. There are no short-cuts or free-lunches.
  4. Range of motion is non-negotiable.  If mobility is a factor, back off the weight until you can get into a position which is safe and strong.
  5. Don’t be skeered.  Commit.  Grab your bar like you’re trying to rip the head off a GD lion. (SHANKLE!)
  6. Slowly increase your ability to handle higher and higher workloads and weights.
  7. Study elite lifters… Jon North, Lidia Valentin, Dmitry Klokov, Donny Shankle,  Ilya Ilyin, & Kendrick Farris.  Youtube!
  8. More volume… more volume… more volume… in your training.
  9. Video yourself… see and accept how crappy you move… and fix it.
  10. 8 hours of sleep.  Turn off the GD TV and shut your eyes… then get your a$$ out of bed… come to the gym.
  11. More water.
  12. Stop using the bathroom scale as a tool for assessment.
  13. Seriously, for the love of God, stop caring so much about your daily maxes, they are there as a GAUGE not a GOAL!
  14. Grow a beard (not you girls).
  15. Have fun with the occasional max-day, then move on to the REAL work.  Drop the “F yeah”s and “Eat that sh!t” while running around the Box giving fist-bumps to your buds when you PR, but come back to reality quickly… see #1.
  16. Eat clean and EARN your carbs.  1x beer=1mile run.
  17. Drink strong coffee… and lots of it.
  18. Listen to White Zombie, Metallica, Tool, Pantera, and NIN.
  19. Tell your girl 5x daily that she’s beautiful… or your man.  It keeps your world balanced.
  20. Think positive thoughts, forgive people, and never ruin an apology with an excuse.
  21. Slam your bar down (HARD) and scream when you’re excited or happy about a lift.
  22. Somedays, the BB is your best friend, other days your worst enemy.  You won’t be 100% every day… accept it… it’s OK.
  23. There’s always someone better than you… chase them.

BBG – still working off same percentages, but add 5# to each lift from last week.  NO MISSES!!!  Log your weights.

1) Snatch 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 @75%, 80%, 80%, 85%, 85%, 85%, 85%

2) C&J 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 @75%, 80%, 80%, 85%, 85%, 85%, 85%


Bench Press (oh yes I did) Take 3-4 sets to work up to/find a 10RM, then 2 drop-sets… 1×10@ -5%, and 1×10 @ -10%.


3min Row for calories


CFV Monday WOD

Deadlift 10-10-10-10 (every 3 min)
For Time:
1000m Run
4 min rest
800m Run
3 min rest
600m Run
2min rest
400m Run
1min rest

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