150907 – Labor Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 9.10.24 AMI’m opening up the gym @6am for Outlaw, or you can stay in bed… your choice.  This is a deload-week so more rest is acceptable.  There will only be 3x workouts this week… (lots of drills and lighter weight), with no Saturday-work.  Other CFV class times Labor Day will be 8:15am and Noon… no afternoon classes.



  1. Snatch Balance (smallest heave possible) – 5×2 Heavy, but not maximal.  Focus on speed to rock-bottom and stability.
  2. Snatch Duck-walk (snatch from the floor then 4x steps forward in rock-bottom) x3 @50-60% 1RM snatch.



Part 1

E30S for 5min (11x total) 1x Power Snatch + 1x Hang snatch (just above knee & full squat) @75%

3 min rest

Part 2

E45S for 7:30 (11x total) 1x Power Clean + 1x Hang Clean (just above knee & full squat) + 1x Split Jerk @75%

***If you’ve been around since we started this little 6am barbell experiment (Fab-5) and have kept a good training log, look back to 130102, 13018, & 130129. See what your 80% training weight was compared to your 75% training weight today on the conditioning.




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