151007 – Inner Voice

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Buying the ticket to Bandera 100k this week.  Back to the basics.  I’m going to be listing other training sessions (PM MWF and AM TTh&Sat runs) mainly for my own purposes over the next 3 months.  Feel free to skip it.  Bandera is one of the toughest places to run in Texas… the course profile alone is enough to elicit vomiting… and you get to do it twice.

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  1. Scott’s Press 3×8.  AHAP.  Focus on rock-bottom position… glutes to calves, belly to quads, chest vertical.
  2. Hang snatch (just below knee). 5×2 @70%.  Stay with the %.  This is not the week to go heavy.
  3. BNCG Split-jerk (from boxes) 3×5 @70% C&J.  Focus is head-thru and forward.


Part 1 – AM
For Time:
400m Run
3 Rounds of “Cindy”
– 5x Pull-Up
– 10x Push-Up
– 15x Squat
500m Row
Part 2 – PM
30min easy run

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