151201 – Ana’s Baby

ana cast pushup.jpg

Ana is starting up a Strength-Cycle to supplement our training… old-school lifting… nothing more.  Tues, Thur, Sat.  It’s based off Mark Rippetoe’s “Texas Method”.  I’m calling it “BACFB Strength”.  It looks like this…

“Day 1 (volume) is to be done @ 90% of 5RM, Day 2 (recovery) @ 80% OF DAY 1 working sets. Day 3 is intensity day… it focuses the tonnage from Monday into a new 5RM, or within 2% of it to allow for training-quality technique.”  Coach Ana

This will work perfectly with Outlaw Barbell program… Thursday is recovery… Sunday is rest.  If you don’t have a clue what your 5RM is, I suggest start working @80% of your 1RM as your 5RM.  Keep a training log.

“BACFB Strength”

  1. Squat 5×5
  2. Bench press 5×5
  3. Deadlift 1×5
  4. Pendlay Row 3×10.  ***As far as weight goes, 65% of your 1RM Clean is a good starting point.  If that’s “too light”, pause at the top, but keep your form perfect… no “kipping”.
  5. T2B 3×10

A LOT of work to do.  Better eat your Wheaties… but after last week, you’re probably already carbo-loaded.


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