151208 – Brother Dime

BACFB Strength – Week 2.  Working off “new” 5RM from Saturday.  Ana, Jacob, and I all went way up on both lifts. Ridiculousness.

  1. Back squat 5×5.  Here’s where we pay dearly for PRs.
  2. Press 5×5.  90% of your calculated 5RM from last week.  *** See Ana.
  3. Deadlift 1×5.  These are T&G.  Add 5-10# to last Monday.
  4. Ring dips 3×10.  From the Hi-rings if you have your MUp.
  5. GHD Situp 3×15.  Full ROM… good stretch at the bottom.

The. Greatest. Guitarist. Ever.  RIP.Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.05.58 AM


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