A little about myself…

I consider myself a runner trapped in a weightlifter’s body.  Above all else I’d rather be running through the woods half naked over any other activity… enjoying the challenges of the natural world, but there is just something about throwing around heavy things in the gym that gets me excited as well.  I began running in 2001 around my 30th birthday and like most runners, things have gotten out of hand.  I’ve done triathlons, obstacle course races, survival runs, and ultra-trail running from mountains to desert, of every distance from 10k to 100 miles.  I found CrossFit in 2008 by accident when I moved to Graham, TX and fell in love with Olympic lifting.  I love the extreme polarity of my two sports, which suits my personality perfectly.  I have 18+ years experience coaching high school athletes in Texas, and have been CrossFitting regularly since 2010. I’m CF L1 certified and a CF Olympic weightlifting certified coach at CF Veritas since 2012.  I coach “CFV Outlaw” which is a ‘strength-biased’ program with the Olympic lifts at it’s core.  We follow a modified version of Rudy’s Outlaw Way program.  I believe strength is the single most important aspect of fitness and should be trained in a logical consistent basis with conditioning being of secondary importance. I know that goes against the CrossFit methodology but since shifting to this type of training every aspect of my fitness, running included, has improved.  I like dogs, pizza, Harleys, and Led Zeppelin… not necessarily in that order.


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