Some have said that all the abbreviations here are like Egyptian hieroglyphics…  so here is a partial breakdown.

BBG – Barbell Gymnastics.  This is mostly the Oly lifts… the snatch and clean&jerk.  I like this term because of the extreme technique needed to perform these movements efficiently.  I believe them to be the best ways of developing athleticism, which is one reason we do them every WOD.

EMOM – every minute on the minute.  This is a time recommendation to ensure intensity and rest is managed.  There are variations like E30S (every 30 sec), E2MOM, etc.

Rx’d – “prescribed”.  this says that you did the WOD at the prescribed weight with no scaling of movements.

UB – unbroken, meaning the piece is done without rest, stopping, or much less even breathing… just kidding… kinda.

ME – maximum effort… if you don’t question if you might be dying, you’re doing it wrong..

T&G – touch & go.  Reps should be continuos… bar in control on the descent, without dumping the bar.

C2B – chest to bar pullup.  Bar MUST touch somewhere below the collarbone.

T2B – toes to bar… literally.  Not knees to armpit, “almost”. or “get close.  Toes. To. Bar.  BTW, toes to rings DOES NOT COUNT!

AHAP – as heavy as possible… bone-crushing, soul-destroying, apocalyptic heavy.

1RM – 1 rep max… this could be any number variation.

DUer – double under… rope passes under your feet twice every jump.  Seriously, if you don’t have your DUer yet, practice every day.  3 or 4 to 1 singles isn’t even close to the same .

KBS – kettlebell swing.  I know the Russians invented the KB, and they only swing it to eye level, but CF-style is overhead.  Overdo your ROM (range of motion).

HBBS – high bar back squat, as opposed to low-bar usually used by powerlifters.  If you don’t know the difference, punch yourself in the face… or just Google it.

BW – body weight… and no, girls, it doesn’t mean the weight you “want to weigh”

HSPU – handstand pushup… FULL ROM.

RFT – rounds for time

MUp – muscleup… on rings unless “bar” is specified.

TGU – Turkish get up… usually, but no always, with a KB.

I’m sure there are others….



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