Training… Keep it Simple Stupid


I believe traing should be intuitive and not rocket-science.  My motto has always been “keep it simple stupid”. My regimen is mix of a modified Outlaw program with as much running, biking, swimming, climbing, riding, and outdoor mayhem I can fit into my schedule.  This is only what I do… not what I recommend.

Movement + Nutrition + Recovery = Training


  • Lift Heavy Things – 3x per week of full-body movements with a challenging weight.  Movements like squats, snatches, cleans, pulls, and presses… preferably with a barbell. Mix up the reps, sets, and weight to keep it interesting and fun.
  • Move Frequently at an Easy Pace – Accumulate 3-5+ hrs per week (more if I’m training for an ultra) of a low level activity such as running, biking, hiking, swimming, rowing, etc. Preferrably outside in a natural setting.  Keep the effort level low enough where you don’t feel like you’re working.  This might be 5 short runs or one big long one.
  • Sprint – 1x per week pick an activity where MAXIMAL EFFORT is put out… running, biking, rowing, AirDyne, etc. These sessions should be very short 10-20sec bursts max, with rest between sets. Examples are 8x 100m, Tabatas, etc.  Better yet, put on some cleats and run a passing route tree.
  • Build Agility into Conditioning – 3-5x per week include gymnastics and other body-weight movements into a high-intensity session lasting from 10-20min to develop stamina while practicing agility skills.


  • Eliminate sugar. Seriously. No table sugar, sports drinks, cokes, etc. And limit natural sugars like fruits and honey.
  • Eat real food. Meat, eggs, fish, and colored veggies
  • Earn your carbs. Use breads, grains, and other carbs as a reward (recovery) from a hard workout. Less than 100g per day for weight maintenance. Less than 50g per day for weight loss.
  • Water.


  • Eat a balanced meal (protein, carbs, and fat) with water immediately after a workout.
  • 7-8 hrs sleep every night.
  • One easy day per week.
  • One easy week per month
  • One easy month per year



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