141126 – Fixing an Early Arm Pull



The schedule for the rest of this week…

Wednesday… as usual.

Thursday… no classes… eat too much, watch football, and be worthless.

Friday… one class in the morning… stay tuned for time.



1) EMOM for 3 sets. 3x Hi-Hang Snatch (from power-position) @65%.  Jump and drop.

2) E90S for 3sets. 3x UB Split Jerk @80% of your best triple from last week.  DO NOT GO ABOVE.  Each set comes from the floor… Re-shelf and do not drop.


E2MOM for 3 sets. 3x Pause Back squat @80% of your best triple from last week. Full 3 sec pause in rock bottom.  Do not go above 80%.


5min AMRAP of…

1x Rope climb or 5x T2B Pullup (1xT2B + 1x Pullup…5x)

20x DUer

rest 60sec then… 3RFT of…

10x Lunge in front rack @95/65#

15x Burpee

20x Push press @95/65#


141125 – Thankful


Probably the coolest/creepiest “sweat-angel” ever.  Courtesy of Jeff D.

Be thankful for the bad things in life, for they open your eyes to the good things you weren’t paying attention to before.

Outlaw/CFV Tuesday WOD


5x Deadlift @275/155#

10x Burpee

*This is old school… let ‘er rip.  Beat the Coach… 3:50.


141119 – Nerds


Pretty sure I’ll be in good company this weekend.

***Runners… we’re going to suspend the Run-Club for a week and see if the weather warms up.  I’m going to a Nerd-Festival.  Stay in bed tomorrow and rest.  More info to come.

Outlaw – recovery day



141119 – Jay


This is the last week of this cycle… deload next week.  Keep your weights heavy and know there is a break coming.

Oh, and THIS… 532# @ 225#.  Whut???





1) EMOM for 3 sets 5x Hi-Hang Snatch @~60%. Take your time…Drill the power position and vertically “jumping” the bar.

2) E2MOM for 3 sets 3x +1ME Rack Split Jerks. Heavier than last Wednesday


E2MOM for 3 sets each. 5x HBBS. Add 5-10# to each set from last Wed.

Cond – 12min cap

3RFT of

3x Power snatch @135/95#

7x Target Burpee (9-12″ above highest reach)

5x MUp or C2B

7x Target Burpee (9-12″ above highest reach)

3x Power snatch @135/95#

60 sec rest



7rds… 3:00

100m run

5x Pullup

10x Pushup

15x squat

with remaining time…

AMRAP Power clean @135/95#

rest 60sec

Score is total power cleans


141114 – Changes in Latitude…

“The cure for anything is salt water… sweat, tears, or the sea.” Isak Dinesen

I’m out of pocket for a few days…Coach Ana’s got this.



1) E2MOM for 3 sets.  5x Power snatch.  Heavier than last week.

2) E2MOM for 3 sets.  5x Power Clean + 1x Push jerk.  Heavier than last week.

Strength –

E2MOM for 3 sets.  3x Three-stop snatch pulls.  2 sec pause at each position up AND down @knee, @power-position, @fully extended. Heavier than last week.  Be slow, methodical, perfect.

Cond – 7min cap

10x KB snatch @53/35 (5xR/5xL)

10x Burpee box jump over 24/20 (you may touch at top)

20x KB snatch @53/35

20x Burpee box jump over 24/20

10x KB snatch @53/35

10x Burpee box jump over 24/20