140731- Pushups

Time to tighten up the ship folks. Many of us and our  basic movements have gotten sloppy. Remember…above all else ROM trumps all. Dont cheat yourself.

Outlaw – recover if you need to… run if you can.

CFV Thursday wod

10rds for time…

15x pushup…CF style. Chest and chest ONLY touches floor, hand release, NO WORMING. If you cant maintain a hard plank do them on your knees. Check your technique and your ego.

100m SPRINT.



140730 – Joel… again

Yet again. Pound for pound the best lifter at CFV. JJ 180# snatch @ 160# BW… making it look easy.
1) E90S for 4 sets. 3-Position snatch (hi-hang, @knee, and T&G), 1x @60%, 1x @70%, 1x @80%, 1x @85%
2)E90S for 4 sets. 3-Position clean (hi-hang, @knee, and T&G)+ 1x Jerk. 1x @60%, 1x @70%, 1x @80%, 1x @85%
3-5 Rds NOT for time.
10x KBS Russian-style @53/35
1x Press @135/95#
1min rest
15x KBS Russian-style @53/35
2x Press @135/95#
1min rest
25x KBS Russian-style @53/35
3x Press @135/95#
1min rest
50x KBS Russian-style @53/35
3min rest
*Note – attempt to do ALL KBS unbroken… attempt ME SAYS!!!
CFV Wednesday WOD
same as Outlaw Durability


140728 – the Champ

Screenshot_2014-07-28-08-47-28-1Well he did it again.
1) 10min to est 1RM snatch
2) 10min to est 1RM cnj
*be as athletic as you can be.
4RFT of…
8x MUp or 16x c2b
400m run
*200m run penalty each time arhlete drops from rings/bar.
20min cap.
CFV Monday wod…same as above


140724 – Playing in the Woods

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 1.51.48 PM

Sorry or the lack of any real substantial content lately.  Living in the boonies has its advantages and disadvantages.

I’ve put together a little no-drop group trailrun at PK for Saturday morning.  There will be a 6, 10, 15, and 20mile options. Respond to comments if you are interested and I’ll get the info to you.

Outlaw – recover or easy run

CFV Thursday WOD… TBA

10, 9 , 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 of…

Deadlift @BW

Roll out pushup

KB pushpress

*100m run w KB between rds.





1) EMOM Hi Hang snatch 5x UB for 3sets @50%

2) 10min to find 3RM TnG Power snatch +1x OHS


E2MOM for 3sets HBBS x3@80%+


4RFT of…

5x tire flip+jump thru

100m sled drag @90/45#

10x Burpee

1x Power CnJ @BW/70% BW


CFV Wed WOD…see Outlaw cond